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Post-Gyno Surgery, Leg Spec and Diet?


Hi all,
I’ve recently bit the bullet and got the gynocomastia surgery I should have had ten years ago. Ive gotten tremendous peace of mind and I am very satisfied with at least the early result. I’m 35 and have been involved with athletics from an early age and lifting for about 15 years.
I have been on a permabulk for the last 3 or so. By mostly dieting on a low carb approach I’ve dropped from 235 to about 190 without sacrificing much muscle. I’m still trying to lose weight until I’m shredded then add some lean gains. I don’t have an exact weight in mind as I’m more focused on what the mirror shows.
I’ve just added carbs back in on a basic calorie cycling recomp. The jist of it is: Add100 cals on training day. Subtract 500 cals on non training day. Protein stays the same throughout.

Weight 195
TD-training day
NTD- non trading day (cardio only)

Maintenance cals 195x12=2340
Surplus. TD 2340+100= 2440
Deficit. NTD 2340-500= 1840

Protein 195x4=780 (195 g)

Fat TD. 2440x.30=732 (81 g)
NTD. 1840x.30=552 (61 g)

Carbs TD. 2440-780-732=928 (232 g)
NTD. 1840-780-552=508 (127 g)

So that’s the diet.

How’s this look for continued fat loss and lean gains?

Now I just had the surgery a week ago so I’ve been advised by my surgeon not to do much besides light walking for the first two weeks. Followed by a slight uptick in intensity in light walking the third week.
After 3 weeks I may begin weight training in a way that doesn’t target the chest. I was thinking I could use this time for a leg specialization, calves, hams and quads in that order. Once I’m cleared to resume normal full body lifting I may opt for a chest specialization plan depending where I’m at. I’ve followed CTs dogma for about my whole training life with more recently some Paul Carter and even some Kelso inspired themes.

Has anybody had any experience training while leaving out a key muscle group?

Any successful training programs post gyno surgery?

How should I go about training starting out again ?

Leg spec programs? Calves hams quads?

Thanks for reading!! please enlighten me.