Post GVT-2000/4-AD-EC Workout

Doing GVT 2000 for 4 weeks now supplementing with 4-AD-EC (one dose per day). I’m planning on taking 2 weeks off for recovery then doing 4 weeks of GVT 2000 & 4-AD-EC again.

Now, is 2 weeks long enough, or should I go longer? Would 5x5 be a good choice for those 2 (or more) weeks? Goals are mainly bulking up. What would be a good 4 day/week split?

Right now I'm thinking horizontal push/pull, quads, vertical push/pull, hamstrings doing one exercise for each. Something like - horizontal push/pull day would be flat bench & bent over rows, two "waves" of 5x5, decreasing weight on second wave to keep reps in the recommended range. What do you fellow T-men (and women) think?


C’mon T-Dawgs, you gotta have something to say about this.

For your training, I don’t see anything wrong with it or much to comment on. Anything with high volume during Mag10 will do the job, although I wouldn’t really repeat GVT 2000 again. You know it’s not wise to repeat the same program after three to four weeks. Use it for a short time and chuck it before it becomes ineffective. Everyone here knows that. Anyways, interesting you went four weeks. So happens I went five weeks. I never trained a muscle group the same way more than two times. I just kept on re-writing my program. I don’t plan to redo Mag10 until December. Don’t you think you should take a longer break than two weeks? Your body might respond better to it.

That’s kind of what I’m thinking now. Doing GVT for 4 weeks (possibly 6 as I bought 3 bottles of 4-AD-EC), doing 5x5 for 4-6 weeks. After that, thinking maybe Convergent Phase Training or Oscillating Wave. Possibly with another cycle of 4-AD-EC or Mag 10 in there.