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Post-GPP Nutrition

Heya this is my first post here. I’m a rugby player who’s training westside style (ME, DE days and GPP); I’m however, also a fan of massive eating as I need to be quite lean to play rugby. Most people know that fast-digesting protein and carbs + BCAA etc… should be consumed before, during and after a major workout to improve recovery quality.

However, is the post-workout nutrition the same for GPP workouts (2nd workout on the same day or restorative workout on off days); do I also need to consume the recovery drink during and after a 30 minutes of GPP session? Thanks for enlightening me.

Man it really depends on what the GPP consist of. If you are say pushing a damn truck for a half hour straight or flipping a tire for the same sure take a recovery drink. It just depends on the activity and the level at which you do said activity.

That said I tend NOT to. Even after some of the more brutal sessions. I just have my regular meal of whole food afterwords. But hey Im a big fan of real food.

I do know the rugby team I was on had a sponsor that did nothing but give us a keg after everygame etc. That was just Great for PWO nutrition. LOL

Considering that a typical “post workout” drink will stimulate protein synthesis and recovery even if you’re just watching an event, you should definitely consume such a drink post-GPP.