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Post- Girlfriend workouts

Is it me, or do workouts get extra intense after a break- up? My girlfriend and I broke up about a month ago. In that month, I’ve gained 5 lbs. lean mass. I’ve noticed my focus and intensity has increased tenfold. I think it has something to do with wanting to get even better to attract an even better chick. Also, I think it has to do with, “Oh yeah bitch, I’ll show you!” lol “I dare you to find a better guy than me!”

I’ve been dating some hot chicks in this month. It’s keeping me consistently motivated. I think also, it has to do with getting out of the rut. After a year and a half, you really don’t have that drive to keep the abs cut- like its late night, watching the Stern show. Should I mix up some Grow, or eat some icecream? Well, it won’t matter, she takes me abs as they are. Gotta stay outta this trap from now on!

My advice to everyone: Break up with your girlfriend! LOL

I’ll tell my girlfriend that, but I think I’ll just get hit. Anyway, my best workout ever was this one morning I broke up with my girlfriend. I skipped my 8am class and went to the gym (with another girl) and totally demolished a back workout. It’s a powerful thing

Hey Bro I feel your pain, but you need to re-evaluate why you lift. you should never lift or diet for your girlfriend, Looking awesome will help attract girls but ultimately you should only be a relationship with the ones who see YOU and love YOU, not your muscles, not your abs, not your money, and not your car.

As for the ice cream man, that ain’t gonna even dent your abs, people go on these insanely strict diets which remind me on pre-comp diets. I just got calipered and I’m 6% bodyfat, I’ve been losing 3/4 of a percent every week since I got under 8%, and 4 nights ago I splurged on half a pie of Dominio’s Deep dish double cheese pizza. So do I beat myself up, hells no I enjoyed. Now how do I still lose weight…well I track all my calories, so those 4 slices of pizza added up to 1100 calories, so for the next 5 days I reduced my calorie intake by 200 calories from carbs, and wallah in 5 days my diet is still perfectly on track. Think of calories in vs. calories out over the course of a week not just “I can only have 2000 calories today”…think ok I can have 14,000 calories this week…how do I want to divide it up?

hope this helps


Amen Dozer. A-F’n men.

“MB Eric: Bustin’ out like a pinata since 1504.”


So, by breaking up with your girlfriends some of you experienced better gains? I’ve got to go break the bad news to my girl. She’s not going to like this.

Interesting thread. Personally, I find just the opposite; it’s when I’m looking forward to a new romance that I get more motivated in the gym. Gotta look good for that first time we get nekkid together! First impressions, after all, are lasting…

Try getting a divorce after 14 years of marriage for motivation! Add in the things that I found on my computer that she was up to during the last days & you will find more intensity in your workouts than you ever thought possible.

Anger properly channeled can be a fantastic motivator/energy source!!!

I find it can be both good and bad.
Sometimes you in way more motivated. Being pissed off is very powerful.
But then again
if your all upset and got NO sleep the night before your workout tends to suck.
For me the very next workout sucked and then they got awesome.

I also used it as motivation to do other stuff.After the first day when I couldnt get out of bed I was that upset
I lifted better ran harder studied better.