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Post Football

I’m an ex-football player and I used to play at a solid 230-240. Since quitting football, I’ve put on another 30 pounds of fat or so.

I’m thinking the quickest way for me to lose that excess fat is to try a modified low carb/high protein/high fat diet of sorts. I have no experience with diets like this because I was always worried with putting weight on and I ate heavy carbs and protein.

My question is regarding energy levels. Will I experience a lack of energy and motivation to hit the weights hard? I’d like to minimize loss of muscle mass as much as possible. However, weight loss is my primary concern. I have little experience with suppliments, is there something you would recommend I take to help with this? I’ve read the thread on Spike and it seems like it might be a good choice, but I’m really not sure.

Any input is greatly appreciated.