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Post First Cycle, Low Libido?

Hey all. I just came off of my first cycle of testosterone, and I have decided that I am not ready for steroids. Ran it for 13 weeks at 600mg. Sex drive was crazy high on cycle and once I started my pct of nolva for a month it started to crash. I went through a period of heavy depression both during and after my pct, which is better now… But 3 months later and my libido still isn’t back to how it was pre-cycle. The boys downstairs are still very small, which is causing a lot of concern. I just got my blood work done and I’m waiting to hear back I’m 21 years old, and I feel like I should be recovering a lot quicker. Help please?

well, there’s no reason to speculate now if you have bloodwork coming in soon.

could be low testosterone, could be high estrogen…