Post-Fast 2 week results

I’ve only gained 2 lbs. since coming off my fast. These next two weeks my carbs will go up to 20% and I expect to gain another 2 lbs. All measurements are still the same. Something that’s pretty cool is my upper arm measurements are only 1/4 inch smaller at 196 lbs. (now) than they were when I weighed 235 lbs. (3 months ago). However my waist is 4.5 inches smaller and bodyfat is about 5% lower. Also, the other day I had 4 pieces of pizza with ranch dressing to treat myself for eating so strict for the past 6 weeks. That took care of my psychological craving for sure and is definitely a good idea to do after a fast (I waited 2 weeks). I’ll keep everyone updated on my next two weeks.

Glad to hear you haven’t gained much back. Hopefully it will continue to go as well. Keep us posted.