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Post FAI/Hip Arthroscope Surgery. 11wks Out, Suffering from Groin Pain


Hello team,
Looking for advice or feedback for my current ordeal.
I’ve had hip problems for a while but was misdiagnosed for basically…years!
I am 32 years old and have played basketball for most of my life.
Around 3-4 years ago I started getting pain in my groin and continued to try and play through it. I had scans done and they said my hips were or possibly adductors and did some physio for that.
Nothing really work and frustratingly I took months off basketball.
I had heard about hip problems causing pain in the groin so I then decided to see a specialist who diagnosed me with FAI. I had surgery on my right hip April 2015 and about 4 months afterwards I was able to get back into basketball. However my participation is sports was short lived I started to get hip/groin pain in my right hip.
Doctors said it was commoen for the hips problems to be bilateral so I had hip surgery on right hip around 11 weeks ago. Surgeon did say that my right hip was much worse and was a grade 3-4 tear and that I would probably be up for a THR in 10-15 years.
Receovery has definitely been a lot different and at about the 8 week mark I was just taking it easy shooting a few hoops and my groin has been in pain since.
I took a few weeks off doing anything and worked on exercises given by physio and it got better however he gave me some simple groin stretches to ease my way back into running and its exteremly painful!
Its concerning and Im heading into 12 weeks and my groin is so sore after just standard stretches that I wonder when or if I can get back into basketball!
Im scared, I dont want to not be able to play at all and i wonder If i am suffering from some form of complications?!
Is it common for me to be suffering like this after 11 weeks? I recall on my left hip after 12 weeks I ready to go.
What could it be?
Any advice or guidance would be apprecaited.


I’m sorry to hear about your hip. What kind of physio have you been seeing? It’s very common after hip surgery to have drastic compensation in your hip that leads to overburdening your tissues. You’ll want to start with non-weight bearing movement and exercises such as swimming, biking ,etc. But in the end you really need to be able to stabilize the pelvis and hips while you move. Otherwise high end exercises like basketball will lead to excessive movement and shearing forces within the hip that will wear you down.