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post exercise drink

I have two scoops of protein shake mixed with water immediately after my work out. If I need to mix some carbs too with my drink, what do i mix ? Would any glucose powder do, or is there something specific I should mix ?

Grateful for guidance on this.


(Moderator’s note: You may want to do a search on the left side of your screen for this information. Hope this helps.)

Are you kidding man? You gotta be new to this site. Surge!!!

Dude get ready to get flamed…

You should check out the articles titled Solving the Post-Workout Puzzle by Berardi.

You should also do a search for Surge as it is the best thing to drink PWO, and now it is only 21$ per tub!

good luck

Yeah try a post workout search and you should find a lot of info. Are you fairly new to this site? Have you not heard of Surge? It is a post-workout supp by Biotest that contains simple carbs, whey hydrosylates, and a proper ratio of aminos…just click the store link in the left column and you can purchase it for only $21! You can also get some gatorade powder and mix it with some fast whey and some aminos if you want to do it on your own.

I do both. I mix one serving of Surge with 2 scoops gatorade powder and throw in 1 scoop whey and drink that during my workout, then do it again afterwards…this way my Surge lasts longer.

Just remember to aim for .4g protein per kg of bodyweight and .8g of simple carbs per kg of bodyweight…

Surge is the best tasting and you can’t beat these new prices!!!

I am from India and God knows how much of my salary goes in buying the imported prtein powders. Which is why I need some simple home grown solutions . I just can’t afford to throw more money in buying branded supplements.

Smarties are an excellent pre, post, and during workout carb. You’ll get an unbelievable pump using smarties especially if you do bodybuilding type workouts.