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Post-Ejaculation Prolactin Spike and Gyno?

I’ve been wondering if the post ejaculation prolactin spike could cause a spike in estrogen like it does with 9-nor anabolics? I’ve been off cycle with my pct done for a month now and just dayd after upping my daily masturbation count to 3-5 from 1-2 I got puffy sore nipples.
I am now taking arimidex 1 gram starting today and will run nolva at 30/20/10 to prevent estrogen rebound after my arimidex box is over in 2 weeks. is this a correct route? how do you guys deal with gyno onset?

Have your forearms experienced significant hypertrophy? :slight_smile:

I’ve never taken a 19 nor, but I believe gyno from them is due to high prolactin rather, than high estrogen, therefore using AI and SERMs won’t address the problem. Cabergoline is used to counteract these symptoms.

Taking 1mg of adex, is a lot, add nolva to that you will probably tank your E2, and still have gyno from prolactin. Drop the adex, do 20mg/day of nolva to insure you don’t suffer gyno from testosterone aromatization. Caber users will probably be able to recommend a good protocol to address the prolactin. Get a blood test if you can to see how much E2, and prolactin you actually have in your system to confirm where the problem is.

I unfortunately can’t afford a blood test right now and the only meds I have access to are from my emergency stash which is just some test e, nolva and arimidex.
since the lump appeared little over a day ago I’ve dropped all masturbation, stress inducing work, activities and interactions, stopped all sugar consumption and been eating a lot more fiber, complex carbs, started working out again and much more intensely than before.
I’ve been doing the opposite of the above for a couple weeks and I’m hoping that fixing these issues and running some nolva will help… it’s extra confusing because I’ve gone up to a gram of test E and even ran 30mg dbol as finisher in my cycle with little bloating but I get gyno NOW? a month after I’m done with my PCT? Really curious situation