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Post Drunken Pics of Yourself


Man I got plastered on Thursday night and my mate just uploaded the pics on facebook.

LMAO how wasted do I look there? Haha, anyone else got any funny drunken pics or stories to tell?


Looks like you guys both have a little bit of a chubby going on there.


His boyfriend just got done hammer fisting him.


Must be. I see 4 lonely women in the background and he's hugging a dude.



I have NEVER drank myself gay


Mate? How wonderful that you found a life partner to take gay pics with!


this is a fucking joke. This ImYolked guy is either 1. A troll 2.A guy with mental disorder who would do anything to be accepted in a forum and keeps coming back with multiple identity.

there is a pic of him and his friends
And where is the thread with all the photoshopped pics of him? It disapeared.


Seriously this is fucking hilarious. The OP is a douche bag Indian guy. Now he's trying to pan himself off as a white dude.

This is epic.


Fixed that for ya.




Once again don't forget the original profile with a different pic in it!



I'll make it a little easier.





You're not "yolked," you're a fucking skinny toolbag douchefuck.

Someone please ban this piece of shit before he starts more shit threads.


oooohhhhh nine






I'm still not sure which is an actual real life representation of the OP. He could be one of any of three dudes. Maybe he's got multiple personalities and each one posts under a different picture.


It's like a...mini-mall!


This thread was doomed before it began.