Post Diet Sustanon Cut - What Now

Hey All,

Recently decided to use Sustanon while losing weight. Due to my job and required fitness levels, i’ve never really wanted to use steroids to bulk, not until I leave the army anyway.

Although not huge or massively strong i’m happy with my natural levels to an extent.

So before diet I was 231 lbs,(got a bit heavy around the waist due to a lower back injury and lack of cardio).

My strength was ok, as an example I was on 245lbs x 5 reps and wide arm pull ups bodyweight plus 25lb plate for 10 reps.

So I used Sustanaon for a cut, mainly coz whenever I diet I seem to lose loads of strength. I used a 250amp every Sunday and Wednesday for 10 weeks.

During this I didnt really count calories, but I avoided alcohol for 10 weeks, avoided all fast foods and treats, increased my protein and tried to eat healthy.

Just took my last amp this week. Currently sitting at 211 lbs (have top 4 abs out), my bench is now at 270 for 6 reps and pull ups at 45lb plate for 12 reps, all other exercises have improved to, as well as fitness.

I have nolva and clomid for PCT, will start that 2.5 weeks after last jab, I have enough for 7 weeks PCT.

So the question.

What can I expect now, I will lose the strength, I guess thats a given, as long as I doesnt go below my previous im happy with that. but will I maintain the fat loss and leaness i’ve gained??

In an ideal world, i’d like to know in a couple of months time, my natural test levels will be back to almost normal, my strength back to its normal levels, with my current level of weight bf%… So whats the likelihood of all this…???

What are your guys experiences of cutting on steroids and post cycle results?

Is there now a best way to train and eat to maintain what I want…??

Please feel free to help, all advice taken, negative comments, with a pinch of salt…

Cheers guys


if you keep training hard and eat right you’ll keep most of your strength.

you will be able to maintain some of the strength as long as you eat and train right as Yogi said. My suggestion would be train heavier 5-8 rep range, high intensity, each body part once a week with plenty of rest. steroids weren’t meant to be started and stopped, so you are putting your body through a lot here.

fat loss will be entirely up to your diet.

Thanks for the replies, like I said key here is not to put fat back on while I get my natural levels back to normal, if I can maintain any strength gained I’ll consider that a bonus.

Once im on PCT, im gonna keep my weight training the same, I see no reason to change it for PCT so im happy with that.

Just passed my fitness test this morning so I can afford to drop alot of the cardio till my natural test levels are back up.

Nutrition wise during PCT should I be looking at maintenance calories or a slight surplus??

maintenance or surplus??

As it stands, with my level of activity and training around 3800 is maintenance for me, im thinking of going with 4000 calories??