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Post-Diet Advice?

Hey Paul!

I would like to ask for some input, what to do nutrition wise after a diet. I’m pretty happy with the results, and would like stay as close to this as possible (get my body used to a lower body fat set point if possible). Or course there are certain bodyparts I’d like to improve, but I’m to trying to bulk up anymore “per se”. Could you give me some guidelines how to do this? Should I/can I increase carb/fat intake? How “far” and how slowly should I increase? In general, what to do after a diet; How were you able to maintain your form after your diet/diets?

I realize I’m asking a really big, broad question, even bordering on the side if I could even ask this as a free advice but any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much in advance! :blush::slight_smile:

If you want to stay as close to your attained condition as possible then you’ll have to continue to diet as close to that as possible. There’s no way to stay in awesome condition while also eating totally different than the way you you got there.

You can start be increasing caloric intake by about 10% of your lowest intake during your cutting cycle and staying there for a while to see what happens while increasing protein and fat just a bit.

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