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Post Cycle

ok so i did 3 and a half weeks of 30 mg of havoc and i gained a great deal of strength and weight but i would like to know if i should take an estrogen blocker right away. I would also like to begin cutting but i heard you shouldnt do that right away is this true can someone please help me out because iam a newbe to this all and need some help


You do realise we don’t have very many posters here who know enough about PH to advise you don’t you?

There are some fantastic Designer supplement forums around - why come to one that isn’t about those?

Out of interest, what is a great deal of strength and weight? - ie. How tall are you, how much did you weigh before and how much after? What is your body fat now and what was it before? What are your lift numbers and what were they? How old are you?

What ‘Estrogen Blocker’ do you have on hand exactly?

I personally do not see anything wrong with ‘cutting’ (lol) straight after a bulk - if you have built muscle, it will stay with the correct diet and ‘supplementation’. Losing fat and water can reduce size dramatically, and often this is confusing - plus those who have ‘bulked’ and dieted down POST CYCLE will also lose most if not all of their gains.
So if you are wanting to run a cycle and then cut after the cycle, this is a mistake… as you will be highly catabolic. If you have run a bulk and then decide to cut, whilst still running anabolics and changing diet - this is no issue as many claim, IMO.


oh shit thanks brook . I gained 20 pounds and i went from 225 to 300 on my bench press and rose my numbers in other lifts as well. Obviously I know that my size is prob much more fat and water weight

so your saying basically just stay on in it for a little while longer while cutting up because it will benefit me ?

No. That was not what i said.

I am going to leave you now, i can’t help you.

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Umm, I’m pretty sure that’s not what he said.

And you never answered the “estrogen blocker” question.

lol, thanks mate! He actually didn’t answer any of the following questions:

‘How tall are you?’
‘How much did you weigh before?’
‘How much after?’
‘What is your body fat?’
‘What was it before?’
‘What are your lift numbers?’
‘What were they?’
‘How old are you?’

He also didn’t comprehend the post i made. This is sure as all hell going to be a clusterfuck!

Really you should have had your PCT planned out/on hand before starting your PH cycle. Everytime I used PHs (90% of the time M1T) I used started my nolva the day after and kept on it depending on how long my cycle was. Really doing a cycle of PHs without PCT planned and on hand is stupid.

I have the post cycle actually so i did plan that out but i basically wanted input on certain things or comments negative or positive . I do appreciate the feedback even if it is negative at least i can learn from experienced people. I also sat down and talked with someone who had used pro hormones and steroids and got a great deal of info today about it all thanks for the view

I do not mean to be critical, but I have seen an excess amount of lets say newbies who are willing to risk their health by just jumping into Ph’s or AAS with out proper education. The scary part is that there are plenty of experienced people here that can set them straight.

If you have a planned PCT then why is it you are asking questions about running pct…this is a bit confusing. If you have questions about PCT would it make more sense to ask before the completion of any cycle. That being said…follow the advise you were given and good luck!

Sorry for the hijack…


And some of you fuckers why those of us who used to religiously read and post here went bye bye.

Short answer: dumbasses like you.

I got on this forum tonight because I’m bored out of my mind and this is the 9th dumbass I’ve run into within 5 minutes. Now I remember why I quit posting.


Wow, its World. Havent seen your name on here in quite some time. When I saw you had posted, at first I thought someone hijacked the account.



It’s still me. Got a bit wild and thought I’d check it out here. Not sure why I did now.


We have a very comprehensive selection of information in the PH sticky.