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Post-cycle Workouts

I finished my first cycle three weeks ago and have been slacking. Not because I’m not on the juice but because I’ve been busy. I haven’t been planning my workouts, just going to the weight room and going heavy (80-90%) for low reps. My question is if I can go back to higher rep training and more volume? I want to do a program off T-mag or something laid out since I don’t have time right now to make my own and spend a lot of time doing it. Also for diet, is it safe to do a low carb diet now? Would I lose too much muscle if I did? Any help is appreciated. By the way, I’m 19, 210 lbs. with about 8% bodyfat.

GERMAN BODY COMP! Going from memory I believe you can find it under the article heading “Bowlful of Jelly” dated January 6,1999. It has three sample workouts and you can generally knock one out in about 45 minutes. T.C. said you might even experience size gains on this plan. If you find it’s a cinch you probably aren’t observing the rest intervals. If, towards the end, you are dizzy,trembling and nauseous you have done everything just right. Rather than get extreme with the carbs I would recommend that you become more mindful of your carb intake and only get anal about it after around 6pm. I seem to remember that being a timeframe T.C. mentioned once. I think this program is perfect for anyone who has had an extended break because the poundages are neccesarily light and your recovery between workouts should be quick. You don’t mention whether during your cycle you added any unwanted fat but if you did gain a lot of weight on the cycle you may well have. This program would be a great change of pace and carve you up a little more. Given your stats you are a poster boy for the kind of dilemma that companies like Biotest face in producing a product that legally works like juice: everything about your post indicates your generally half-assed approach to training. You are only nineteen and you are seemingly putting your long-term health/reproductive health at risk and in your case the juice is an enabler. Androsol or N-17E are essentially the same, or I should say have the same potential to be misused. Either way my point is this: here is this magic potion and you get the benefits whether you’re a knucklehead or you’ve busted your ass for years. I guess I’m on my soapbox to say, "turn down the Limp Bizkit,be more diligent,be more patient,train harder and smarter, and then when you KNOW the time is right put the icing on the cake rather than just sticking your fingers down in the frosting can and shoving them in your piehole.

I don’t think a low carb diet would be a good idea at the moment.You can easily lose size and strenght on it.If your body fat is 8%…
i don’t think you need it.
Try Ian’s chest and back program with the limping series.
If you have the money buy some Methoxy-7 and
Just my 0.2cc.Good luck!

Mike, I appreciate your training advice about using German Body Comp. I might just give it a try. Funny how you presume all these things since I’m a 19 year old and have used gear. I’ve busted my ass in the gym and have eaten strictly for the last 5 years Mike. I started at 130 lbs. and 6’1 and through all my hard work I got up to 190 lbs. with 8% bodyfat. I dedcided to use gear for many reasons. You want to hear those reasons Mike? Well, I’d tell you but its none of your freaking business chump. Also Mike, I fail to see how my original post exemplified my “half-assed approach to training.” I stated that lately I’ve been slacking by not planning workouts and haven’t eaten as much as would like to be. If you must know Mike, its because I’m getting married in 10 days and I don’t exactly have all the time in the world to concentrate on lifting. Next time you or someone like you responds to a post made by me or another young guy (age not training age) read the post two or three times to help you correctly understand its content and not make false presumptions. Good day sir.

Scott, I think you are justified in being a little teste(get it?) about my response. I actually did read through your post several times in attempting to provide a thorough answer. It was late and it wasn’t until the fourth or fifth time reading your post that it struck me that you seemed to be consistently resorting to shortcuts. I guess we all do. I do. Heck, I go through a tub of Grow! every 5-6 days. It seems most of your shortcuts are justifiable given the daily time constraints we all face. However, I stand by my guns on the juice issue. I’m not saying it’s wrong for all people all the time. But come on! You’re only nineteen. Couldn’t you have gained those twenty pounds following the same principles you used to such great effect for the last five years. My guess is probably. You may not be a knucklehead, and you may not be a Limp Bizkit fan and you may not even be a little teste, but you certainly are impatient. Given your age its understandable and forgivable,but I wonder if its worth it. Sorry for being a prick earlier.