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Post-Cycle Workout Questions


What does everybody think are the necessary workout changes coming off a cycle? I know I don't want to start decreasing load to much but was thinking a reduction in volume might be in order. Also, in regard to a change in workout microcycle, I am thinking a faster paced German Body Comp might be in order since for the last two months I've trained fairly heavy with lower reps with a combo of olympic/compound lifts.

Its given me great results but I can feel the wear on my body now as I come off my cycle of tren/test/winny. Recovery feels like its going down probably due to my timing of coming off the testosterone ester properly with this being my last shot of tren today.

Tomorrow I start PCT and am going with day 1 300mg clomid, day 2-14 100mg, day 15-? 50mg.

I also have 30 tabs of 20mg Nolvadex and figured I would just take 40mg day for 15 days but wanted input on this as I have never used nolva postcycle before. Does this method seem feasable?


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Prock, here's what I do coming off a cycle:

1) eat HYPERcalorically for the first week to two weeks PCT (one week if coming off a "cutter", two weeks if coming off a "bulker").

2) I always take the first week of PCT completely off from training. This is the time when your body is least likely to be able to withstand the stress.

3) Regardless of what style of training I was using during my cycle, I always switch to, or stay with, relatively heavy weight and low reps, with relatively low volume--about 24 reps/exercise, 70-80% 1RM. After a couple of weeks you can probably bump the intensity up to 80-90 % 1RM, but keep the volume low. I find that heavy, low rep, low volume work serves to keep my LBM gains from my cycle better than any other style of training. I suggest you NOT try high rep/volume training--the volume is more than your body can probably effeciently deal with at this time, and the intensity is too low to maintain LBM gains from your cycle.

4) I do 4 or 5 exercises per workout--no more. Keep your workouts brief but challenging, not overwhelming.

5) Yes, I think using 40 mg. Nolva ED after two weeks on Clomid is fine. I use Clomid my first two weeks of PCT, follwed by two weeks of Nolva.

Hope that helps,