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Post Cycle workout/diet protocal

Almighty forum, I look to you for guidance and wisdom.

I am trying to maintain the muscle and size I put on during my cycle (8 weeks 300mg deca, 50mg winny ed). I would like to avoid getting fat between my cycles, so I am wondering what my diet and workout plan should be.

I would of course keep my diet tight, and still kick the shit out of the weights, but should I include any cardio? Or, is there something else to maintain? What about CARB/PROTEIN/FAT ratio?

stats: 6’1" , 227pounds, 28yrs old bf still gotta be at %15 or so.


El Bone Los J



Most importantly, you should use tribex and clomid for testicular recovery, starting 3 weeks after your last deca inj.

I would say your training regimen should have the volume cut in half, but keep lifting high% of your max. Try to lift the same weights as you did on cycle. P22 recommended only 30 min workouts immediatly post cycle - I’m going to try this in a couple weeks when my current dboldecatest cycle is over. It seems like a great idea.

Skip the cardio for a few weeks or a month, preferably. Or just limit it to once a week. Keep your diet at maintenance or above. DON’T DIET, unless you want to lose muscles.

You must choose whether you want to maintain your muscles NOW and gain a little fat or take some muscle loss to limit fat gain. IMHO the choice should be obvious. You can always lean out later, once your hormones have leveled out.

ACtually, the latest reading I have done has found that clenbutoral actually suppresses IGF-1 levels! this would be detrimental in the goal of holding onto as much gains as possible, so I have to second guess the use of clenbutoral now in a post-cycle recovery protocol.

hey jbone…how long were u on the deca for and how long did it take for the deca to kick in? What were your results like as well…im thinking of doing the same type of cycle but without the winny and instead stack it with dbol.
Looking forward to your reply.


Im in my third week of Deca 300, by QV. I havent really seen a huge difference in weight as of yet, but its only my third. I am feeling a little bloated, but Im eating like a f-in horse, so its expected.

One thing you need is an ANDROGEN. Seriously dude, even at 300mg each week, I feel like a glop of shit. It’s hard to get moving and shit. Once I get to the gym Im alright, but the rest of the time, I have NO motivation. P-22 gave some advice, which Im going to follow. He said to include a little 100mg per week ( 25mg eod) of test prop. This will help deal with the suppression.

I really dont have much to report yet. I can say the Syd group winny at 50mg ed, is not showing the results I was hoping for.

Anything else comes up Ill let ya know.

Los Bonos de J

Hey King,

How much dbol are you gonna take? What are you going to use for estrogen blocking? Do you know anything about the effects of dbol on the hairline? I was thinking of adding dbol to this cycle, but I only have clomid, and Im not really sure if that will work by itself. Any thoughts?

J Bones Flying Circus of Monkeys

I was thinking of taking anywhere from 20-30 mg of Dbol/day. Someone told me to take it mon-fri and take the weekends off. I dont know yet if that would be good or not. As far as Deca goes…I’d be getting QV Deca 300 so id have that one shot a week for 10 weeks. As far as any hair loss and estogen related effects, those would occur in more heavier dosages such as 50mg. The only time I will start taking an anti-estrogen is if i start to feel sensitivity in my pecs which would be a sign of gyno. I’ve been told not to worry about it otherwise. That being said…I hear deca/dbol is a really popular stack so im gonna stick to it and see how it foes.

Can anybody else out there second the notion of 20-30mgs ed being a low enough dose as to not cause estrogen related effects?

I am dying to try the “D”.