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Post Cycle Weight Loss - Test E


I recently wrapped up a 10 week cycle of 500mg test E with a 2 week taper and 4 weeks of standard tamox/clomid PCT, I did not use an AI. I am now in the 4th week of PCT.

Pre-cycle I weighed in at 198, during went as high as 221, but finished at 218. Over the last 4 weeks I've lost 12 lbs, down to 206 now. I suspect a large percentage is water, but I fear catabolism. Was eating at 3400-3500 during, have stayed at 3300-3350ish since.

I'm expecting to hear EAT MORE, however I keep a very detailed diet log and I know 3300 is not far from maintenance level. (Plotted avg weekly calorie intake vs avg weekly weight to establish this). Going to 3500-3600 for at least a week to assess.

So the question is what kind of post-cycle weight loss is typical for this kind of cycle?

Thanks for any help you can provide!


it's impossible to say really, there's just too much individual variation.

I actually think it's better to increase calories slightly during PCT


train heavy with less volume.. gotta give your body a reason to hold onto that muscle

also blast/cruise


x2 on the blast/cruise. I don't change my diet a bit, I eat year round 4k+ calories everyday. I weight 215. I have done 3 short cycles, each one of them got me up to 225. My body cannot handle that weight without that extra test. I am going to do a 12 week cycle to see what will happend after PCT. If the same thing happens, it's blast and cruise for me.


x2 on less volume.

IMO focus on holding onto 1RM or 3RM as much as possible. You can cut volume and if you can maintain the strength when you finally recover fully you will gradually be able to increase volume to match your strength level.

I'm guessing you're low carbing it. Low carb and PCT do not go well together IMO.


I agree here. I always cut back on my reps and volume when coming off. Not only does it help retain my muscle I gained, but all of my minor injuries and tendonitis has come after coming off and pushing myself too hard. Or at / near the level I was while running all my gear.