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post cycle therapy

Higuys!!I had jus been through a Sustanon,Deca,Dbol,stromba cycle.It goes like this
Weeks 1-4
dbol 20mg ed
deca 300mg/week
sustanon250 Days 1,2,3 ed from day 6 Sustanon 100 ed
Weeks 5-8
deca 300mg
sustanon100 ed
stromba 40mg ed
I am into 4th week of Pct.my pct goes like this
H.C.G 5000 I.U. weeks 1&2
day 1 nolva 40mg clomid 100
day 2 nolva 30mg clomid 50
days 3-14 nolva 20 clomid 50
days 14-30 nova 10 clomid 25
Would this be suffice a;so what are the tests i ned to tske to see if my Test levels are normal.Also when can i start my next cycle.Pl reply asap.

your post-cycle drug program is alright. Just do a blood test for T-levels at a doctors office. Wait at least another twelve weeks before starting a cycle.

HCG should not be used POST cycle, it should be used DURING cycle to prevent atrophy.

Using it Post cycle will just delay recovery by desensitizing your testicles to leutinizing hormone!

Is htaking ZMA-T ideal for recovery,to boost natural testosterone production.I say so 'cos it has tribulus in it. Will it do any good?

archaic said exactly whay i was thinking. drop the hcg if you are towards the end or done your cycle. the rest of your pct looks fine.

Why the double whammy with the Nolva and Clomid? Why not just pick one or the other? I concur with the HCG not being used PCT. Messes with LH and increases the estrogen. “2” things that you do not want to do during this time. Definitely throw some Tribestan in that PCT. Works well!