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Post Cycle Therapy

I just finished a 10 week cycle of test cyp.
1st 2 weeks was 250mg every 7 days
the last 8 was 250gm every 4 days

My pct was as followed
50mg for 4 weeks

I noticed after my 3rd week of chlomid I was, what I think was crashing. No sex drive at all. I had lost some gains but it was expected.

I was told HCG would give me jump start. I just mixed a 10,000iu -10ml bac water and will do 1000IU every 4 days.

My question is should I stop the HCG or start a Chlomid/Nolva again and keep on the HCG?

My blood work came back fine other than my test levels being at 358.

I would like to run a new cycle for 12-14 weeks and want to know how long after I should wait since it wasn’t (typical) PCT. I am doing my best to find what works for me in the long run. I am 35 204 lbs and not looking for major gains. I have a construction business and a very active family and really want a great sex drive and good overall strength.

What were your pre-cycle test numbers?

1,000iu HCG every four days seems a little heavy. Most guys can get away with 500iu twice a week. You may want to dial that back a bit.

When did you start your Clomid in relation to your last shot of test?

What are your other numbers from the most recent blood work? E2, SHBG, free T, etc?

My pretest numbers were 478
I started Clomid a week after my last pin.

SODIUM, SERUM 138 mmol/L 135-146
POTASSIUM, SERUM 4.3 mmol/L 3.5-5.3
CHLORIDE, SERUM 104 mmol/L 98-110
CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) 27 mmol/L 20-31
GLUCOSE 97 mg/dL 65-99
Fasting reference interval
CALCIUM, SERUM 9.4 mg/dL 8.6-10.3
PROTEIN, TOTAL 7.4 g/dL 6.1-8.1
ALBUMIN 4.7 g/dL 3.6-5.1
GLOBULIN, TOTAL 2.7 g/dL (calc) 1.9-3.7
A/G RATIO 1.7 (calc) 1.0-2.5
AST (SGOT) 25 U/L 10-40
BILIRUBIN, TOTAL 0.7 mg/dL 0.2-1.2
ALT (SGPT) 15 U/L 9-46
CREATININE, SERUM 0.96 mg/dL 0.60-1.35
eGFR NON-AFR AMER 102 mL/min/1.73m2 > OR = 60
eGFR AFR AMER 118 mL/min/1.73m2 > OR = 60

Test Name Result Flag Reference
Test Name Result Flag Reference
WHITE BLOOD CELL COUNT 6.1 Thousand/uL 3.8-10.8
RED BLOOD CELL COUNT 6.08 Million/uL H 4.20-5.80
HEMOGLOBIN 17.8 g/dL H 13.2-17.1
HEMATOCRIT 53.4 % H 38.5-50.0
MCV 87.8 fL 80.0-100.0
MCH 29.3 pg 27.0-33.0
MCHC 33.3 g/dL 32.0-36.0
RDW 13.2 % 11.0-15.0
PLATELET COUNT 174 Thousand/uL 140-400
ABSOLUTE NEUTROPHILS 2532 cells/uL 1500-7800
ABSOLUTE LYMPHOCYTES 2660 cells/uL 850-3900
ABSOLUTE MONOCYTES 592 cells/uL 200-950
ABSOLUTE EOSINOPHILS 250 cells/uL 15-500
ABSOLUTE BASOPHILS 67 cells/uL 0-200
MPV 12.4 fL 7.5-12.5

Let me know if this helps. My biggest concern right is if I need to control my estrogen levels getting “MAN BOOBS”" and really getting to normal to start another cycle.

You started the Clomid too soon, so that could be part of why it didn’t work as expected. What’s your e2 right now? What was it pre? I didn’t see that on the list (sorry if it’s there and I missed it). You’re probably having estradiol problems because you’re taking a lot of HCG and that can cause aromatization. In this case it’s not the same as the process by which testosterone aromatises. HCG stimulates Leydig cells and in the process they can aromatise testosterone within the testes, which means an AI is ineffective at combating it. Post your e2 numbers when you can, but I have a feeling that the combination of not fully recovering on pct and adding too much HCG have resulted in elevated e2. That’s my guess.

I figured. My labs don’t have e2. I just started my HCG last Monday. I started because I felt like my nuts were stale. M energy levels were fine and felt fine over all. I’ll drop to 500iu and see how that goes. I just wasn’t sure if I had cycle HCG with something else vs just by itself. Thanks again.