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Post Cycle Therapy with SARM, Advice?

I’m getting ready to finish my first cycle of just sustaplex 1.5mg a week for 8 weeks, and I’m looking for opinions on a SARM to take with my PCT. any suggestions?

It makes no sense to take a suppressive compound while on PCT.




Im sure dylan gemelli (however you spell his name) has some rat poison labeled with few letters a - then some numbers that works great for pct. And he will probably give it to you at a discount if you buy your next cycle of sarms while your at it!

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Only reason I ask is because I’ve seen multiple articles on this site stating that it can be taken while on PCT any way you could send an informative link so I can educate myself

Its really pretty simple. Its actually common sense.

Goal of pct- get hou natural endogenous testosterone production started back up amd producing as quick as possible.

SARMs- suppressive to your endogenous testosterone

Make sense?

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Show me those articles. Please. There is no reason—none—that taking a SARM during pct is even remotely a good idea. Would you take winstrol or dbol as pct?

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