Post Cycle Therapy, What Else to Take?

Hey guys I’m just about to finish my cycle and I was wondering what else I could take if I can’t find any hcg. The person I normally go to says he has not gotten any yet. Any ideas and or recommendations?

i plan on taking hcg to bridge the gap between last pin and main pct of nolva and arimidex. but as far as pct it will just be that, arimidex and nolvadex

Ok, looks like you have right idea about hcg. You want to use it during your cycle or a blast of iy right before pct. But not during pct. That was old school way and turns out not the best way. Anyways. I see you said you will be using arimadex and nolva for pct? Hopefully that is a typo. You do not want to use arimadex during pct. Its a good idea to use arimadex or any AI for that matter about a week before pct to lower your estrogen very, very low. This way test and estrogen will raise together during pct and keep the test/estrogen ratio in an ideal spot. Anyways, you want to take clomid and nolva or clomid and torem as your SERMs for pct. You can get away with just one of them but would be better to use both as they work in different ways. Nolva and Torem work very similar so they are interchangeable and pointless to use both at same time. Add one of those to clomid 50mg ed. Another good compound to add is DAA. Its available otc. Also its a good idea to raise systemic igf1 during pct to help keep gains. Many ways you can do this. Hgh, igf1 lr3 or mk677.

so basically what ive gathered is to either use HCg while ON cycle to maintain testicle function. OR to use as a bridge to pct to restart functionality of testicles and get back to normal. I am currently in week 8/12 and ive been using .5 adex EOD along with 500test/750tren. I have heard mixed insights about adex during pct. so i planned on using a nolva/adex protocol for my pct. i do have clomid which i got prior to getting nolva which i read was better and more bang for the buck. now im not asking out of ignorance, more or less to learn, but why would it not be a good idea to use adex along with nolva during pct? wouldnt it be beneficial to suppress a bit of estro to keep from becoming catabolic? i didnt plan on using the same dose of adex during pct. maybe .5 e3d or .25 e3d along with nolva.