Post Cycle Therapy for Test/Masteron?

I’ve run previous cycles of test at 600mg/week always using aromasin as my AI. With those really basic cycles I’ve always just run clomid starting two weeks after final injection.

I’m about to start a new cycle of test e at 600mg/week with Masteron prop at 400mg/weeek. One shot eod.

Should I be doing anything differently for PCT since I’m using Masteron? I’ve spent a lot of time searching forums and google but found a lot of different information.

Appreciate any input

I think EOD for mast prop is fine but for Test eth, that’s pretty damn frequent. Why not Mast Eth and pin twice weekly?

I dont think so. Since the purpose of PCT is to kick start your own natural production, I dont think the Mast will make a difference. BTW, I love masteron. Kicks the libido into gear and helps protect against gyno, IMO.

@studhammer appreciate the feedback. I should have clarified though. The test e is two pins a week (not eod). As for the Masteron prop, I couldn’t get my hands on Masteron enanthate.

That seems to be the general conesnsus on it. I’m oretty excited to give it a go.

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Pct for this cycle should be no different than a test-only cycle. You’re shooting for the same outcome and starting from the same baseline, so the same protocol will work just fine.

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