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Post Cycle Therapy After Prohormones?


Help! Have I Screwed Up Here?

I lifted weights for about 15 years on and off and stayed in good shape. Never done anything but protein shakes and creatine. Here is my dilemma. I decided I wanted to make some better gains so I stopped in DSD and the guy behind the counter says here is what you need at 50 yrs old. You need S-Roid pro-hormone. Swore it's the cats meow. So I have been taking it for two weeks and meanwhile I researched the stuff.

Dayuum. Seems the stuff is strong and has nasty side effects if not used correctly. Now I read you need post cycle therapy and liver care pills. Geez just looking to get back in shape and since I am a small framed guy wanted to get something stronger. Feel like I'm in over my head.

So I stop back in and he says that's a bunch BS on the internet and all you need is this Alpha Test 5 test booster after you finish your S-Roid. Take it for 4 weeks after you finish the bottle and you will be fine. Am I in WAY over my head? And if so how do I get out?


Bear in mind I know absolutely eff all about supplements (I took creatine once about 20 years ago, that's it!), but I find it very hard to believe that it could have done you any permanent damage after taking it for just 2 weeks. It would have to be seriously toxic to damage your liver in that timeframe.

Not to be a dick, but I would have googled it BEFORE I started taking it!

Still, maybe the folks on the pharma forum will be of more help.


After using a testosterone booster you need a PCT, not another test booster. Basically when you've finished using this stuff take 5omg of clomid or 20mg of nolvadex a day for 30 days. That's what I would do, although I think pro hormones are a waste of money.

Read the SERM and AI sticky, and the pro hormones sticky.


x2. Since you're using pro hormones, you probably don't have access to get any type of SERM's, so let me be a saint and give you a hint: Google "research chemicals" and look for nolvadex. Not Novadex either. Tell your nuts they're welcome.


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Wait. What?

Is the OP using a testosterone booster or a prohormone/steroid? They are clearly not the same thing.

I dont know what the OP is taking and I dont plan to check if its an actual drug or some bullshit herbs, but if it's only some herbal testosterone booster, he definitely does NOT need pharmaceuticals like a SERM. If it is a prohormone/steroid then, yes, a SERM is appropriate.


OP said it was a pro-hormone in his first post, I just called it a test booster which is inaccurate.


It is a prohormone called Superdrol I think,S-Roid is the product name.

Just want to add my son got what he calls "early production" Novadex XT by G N. He said it was banned because it was as good as Nolvadex. That's what he was told. Is this true? he gave me a bottle he had and this review which seemed pretty good. Yall's thoughts??


It is not true.

You need a SERM.

It was already stated in this thread that novadex is not acceptable. Please read the posts.


I did. Desperate times lead to desperate measures. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the admonition. SERM it is.


You know what to do Rob...




Wow. Been out of the loop for a bit. I have cared for my mother for 20 years since my father died suddenly. She is now 80 and had a heart attack. Everything took second place of course. Thank goodness she is better now. I had to build a handicap ramp though.

Anyhow. I finished the cycle of S-Roid and Test-5. I know y'all recommended a Serm but I was immersed in my family emergency and getting my mothers living quarters handicapped accessible. Long story short been two weeks since I finished both and feel fine. But I know that might not mean there could be some issues. I want to thank those for pm,s and advice and now would like to know should I do anything more even tho I feel fine with I'll or no side effects?