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Post Cycle Therapy After 15 Days

Hi guys ,
New to the site I have been running tren enthanate for 15 days 250 mg every second day whilst this is not a long time as cycles last weeks injecting isn’t my problem work life imbalance is and basically I don’t think I had any business running it I would like to discontinue and concentrate on my diet and maybe try again at a later date I want to start a PCT I have clomiphene citrate 100 mg tabs trying to work out a PCT for this any help would be apreciated

If you have clomid then run it as follows: 50/50/25/25
(Four weeks; those are the daily doses each week)

Wait two weeks from your last injection before you start your pct. Are you running just tren?

Not gonna flame you but I’m genuinely curious as to how you came to the conclusion that a tren enanthate 250mg every second day cycle was a good idea. You have been seriously mislead and if it was from someone in your personal life you need to have a talk with them. If it’s from a internet site I’d advise you to never visit that site again.


Just tren enthanate

Facepalm dot gif

Abit of test would have been nice maybe next time might just run test cyp that will do me keep it simple or peptides

Dick still works all good ha ha

The important things in life!

Hey the tren only idea might not have been a success but as long as that fellas still standing I wouldn’t call it a failure!

Frig! if that tren cough ever came about, you’d have literally thought you were dying before experiencing a good cycle. Wise choice to discontinue. I honestly (and yes i did get flamed for this) ran an oral only dbol 6 week cycle for my first. Then i tried a test dbol. Then test deca dbol. Quickly learnt deca isnt for me and decided to cut that entire cycle short pct and move onto test primo var and a few others but usually not more then one new compound at a time per cycle. Or at least per period of use(ie: if i intro to a new oral, ill run it with test obv, and when my bodys reaction is the the oral is good, and i pre planned to try two new things, id have my cycle timed properly… i tried tren after my oral ran out the first time i ran it and finished the cycle with it instead of starting it)

I know you probably already learnt a valuable lesson but figured id just express how important three things are.

-Always need test in your cycle(blend or just a single ester)

-try to introduce one drug at a time and give it time to show your body how it reacts to small doses and increases in the doses.

  • don’t get crazy thinking more drugs, or more of a drug equals more gains. Less can be more amd starting small is always the only way to start a new compound.

Welcome to t nation, i dont post often and i dont ask much, search keeps me satisfied but many people on this forum help and dont judge. Its the best resource by far for information and advice.

Frosty ,zeek everyone thanks for your input much appreciated so
I am going to run clomid 50 mg per day for 2 weeks pretty much match length of time I was on cycle so if I was to ever run a cycle again how about just a keep it simple stupid
Test Cypionate for ex amount of weeks I have no interest in getting wider in the shoulders I’m wide enough I don’t want to use DBOL no interest
If I was to run a test cyp cycle what would a simple program be any info would be great

Sort of came to the same conclusion

I got access to vials I’m 37 and that’s like pro dosage if I was to run min dosage I’d probably throw abit of test in there me and my wife want to have kids shutting down the system is probably not a good idea might just run min
dosages of test Cypionate once I’m in correct headspace

Tren cough never came up doesn’t that only happen if you hit capillaries and it travels to your lungs isn’t that like glass embolism stuff from cracking vials
T NATION IS THE ONLY PLACE I DIDNT GET FLAMED I knew I stuffed up but had to at least ask for help this is the forum I will be using from here on in
Once again thanks guys

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I thought about it but the fact you realized something was wrong and that it wasn’t the right time etc made me change my mind lol. I respect when someone is able to self diagnose properly and come to a good conclusion. Had you came and asked why your tren isn’t working right or that you need advice on how to continue the cycle I’d have had a field day!

I would have flamed myself zeek seriously once again cheers guys

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We live and learn mate

I would have flamed myself ha ha.