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Post Cycle Therapies - Uh Oh

So there are some massive disagreements on PCT. Pris#22 and A.R. aren’t the only ones. It seems like everyone has their own little formula for this.
What I’d like to know is… Who feels like they’ve come off steroids and not crashed. What did you do? What were you on? How much? When did you stop gear and start PCT? What did you run while on? How long did you take your ancillaries after you last shot? When did you go back on? What makes you say your PCT ‘worked’?
I’d like to hear from someone who’s done A.R.'s PCT from the meso article.
Did it work well?
I have tried a few things and I lean toward the taper that P22 talks about.

I recently read AR’s stuff on Meso. I actually agree with Masteron as an anti-e. I think P22 does too. I also agree with the deca/winny theory on joints. Though I’ve seen that before.
I agree with much of his observations on the productive cycles. As an athlete looking to stay lean. I’ve had success with test prop and masteron prop. I’ve had success adding boldenone prop to that. Var and Halo as competitions approach? (grappling/MMA competitions that is) Absolutely agree. Oral Turinabol…I liked it too. Though I used the RSOC variant at one point.
So I actually see a lot of similarities to what AR says and what I’ve seen.
However, I don’t know about the PCT he’s suggesting? I also wonder if in any way he profits from ancillary sales?

[quote]Scrappy wrote:
However, I don’t know about the PCT he’s suggesting? I also wonder if in any way he profits from ancillary sales?[/quote]

You could just ask me, if you wonder something like that.

The answer is that no, I don’t directly profit from Ancillary sales, although I have had the two largest ancillary companies on the internet as clients at one time or another, and they both either sell my book directly on their site through an affiliate program, or through sites they own.

So…they both help sell my book, and I’ve worked for both. But if they sell X products I don’t get Y money. If they didn’t make any money, they couldn’t hire me…but I don’t get any % of anything they make as a result of ancillary sales.

I do research and writing for them, and get paid for that alone. I make zero money off sales of ancillaries.

In fact, my first ever article (Title: “Ancillaries” and later rewritten as “ABC’s of Anti-E’s”) when I was writing under the screen name “hooker” was written totally for free by me for the board I was admin on at the time. I got no money or free products at all for it, and never asked for any. I just wanted to write the piece.