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Post Cycle T Levels & Cortisol Levels


I have been off Deca 300 for 5 weeks and Anavar for 3 weeks. I f'd up and didn't do any PCT. My friend was supposed to get it, but failed to do so. I took a bunch of other over the counter stuff to try to prevent any damage, but it is too early to tell. Anyway, this was my 1st cycle in over 12 years. I was wondering, how long I should wait to get intense in the gym again. Does anyone know how long it takes to get your Test Levels back on average? I read that post cycle lifting heavy will only raise cortisol levels due to the lack of natural test in your system.


Wow, this is fubar for so many reasons, but you already know that. I hope in future cycles you have learned to never start unless your PCT is in hand. Also, what kind of results did you get from your deca/var cycle? Anyways, I'm not trying to flame I just dont understand.

There are several ways that I can tell that I am back to normal, first off the return of morning wood is always a good sign. Testicular recovery will generally also mean you are doing better. The only way to be certain is to get a blood test done and check your levels. I am unsure if running a SERM at this point would be of any help, kind of a delayed PCT. I've never waited that long after to stat PCT.


Results were great. I got exactly what I wanted. My waistline shrank by three belt holes. I got even more strength than when I did it in my early 20s. The easiest way to know if you are getting good results are the reactions from people who haven�??t seen you in a while, and those reactions were awesome! I am not looking for the bodybuilder look�?�just want to look lean muscular. I only weigh 179 and am 5' 8". My only goal now is to keep as much of my gains as possible. So far, I have lost very little. I kept all my strength, but my forearms don�??t last�?�they tend to give out quickly. I started taking ZMA, Tribulus and Testoboost to help out since I am lacking PCT.

The good news is I am having no issues down there. That is a relief! The research that I did on Deca 300 and Anavar shows that they are both very low in side effects. Anyway, I will be sure to have PCT in hand before ever thinking about doing anything in the future.

I am still unsure about post cycle lifting�?�when do you know it is ok to start lifting heavy again?


You are supposed to maintain the heavy lifting, but cut volume and frequency post cycle, as far as I have heard.