Post Cycle of Clomid/Nolvadex

Hey everyone

I am doing my first cycle of androgens starting in a few weeks. The compound is the designer steroid, Superdrol. Basically, the plan is to hit the superdrol for four weeks, in increasing dosages each week (The minimal amount while achieving good results, but no more than 40mg a day). I know that the possibility of being shut down after only four weeks is minimal, I still want to have a good pct that will return my hormone levels to regular status.

I will have nolvadex and clomid on hand.
I have heard from multiple sources that it is not neccessary to combine the two during PCT. Where would Alpha Male fit into this scenerio? My main thought now is that if I took nolvadex and clomid in a tapered fashion, I would not have to worry about buying an extra natural test booster for pct.

So, here is the scenerios I’m contemplating:
Week 1 100 mg Clomid, 60 mg Nolvadex
Week 2 75 mg Clomid, 40 mg Nolva
Week 3 50 mg Clomid, 20 mg Nolva
Week 4 10 mg Nolva


Week 1 60 mg Nolva, Alpha Male
Week 2 40 mg Nolva, Alpha Male
Week 3 20 mg Nolva, Alpha Male
Week 4 10 mg Nolva, Alpha Male

Let me know if there is a better set-up for pct too. Thanks in advance guys.

Biceps, I posted you an in-depth response to this thread. It didn’t go through. PM me and I’ll send it to you.


Option 2. I prefer nolva for a number of reasons for PCT.

The Alpha Male would be optional, I don’t think it’s necessary but some people like to add things like it so go with whatever your bank account tells you.