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Post Cycle Nightmare

Heres every detail of what I experienced so far after being forced to stop cycle everything started at week 11-12 test e 350 twice a week injections.

Everything was good until one day my arm went completely numb and heart started pounding in my chest, couldnt even close my my hand nor lay down on my left side cuz It would make me feel even worse, my left side of my stomach hurted bad It felt as if it was very inflammed and sore, so a month and a half later for the first time on my life Ive suffered colitis, so I had that and the numb arm for around 2-3 months, for the colitis I was prescribed a corticosteroid that got rid of the colitis in 3 weeks but I still was Experiencing the fast heartbeat and the numb arm that also blocked oxygen to my brain cuz everytime I would lay on that side or even use one finger I would get dizzy and confused outta the nowhere, a month later a found a biomagnetic dr, they treat you with magnets to get rid of pain virus and bad bacteria, so after 4 months of pain, suffering, wasted money and moron doctors, my suffering had ended, he claimed that my axila was partially blocked and that my nerve above my elbow had some bacterial around that also was partially blocking a vein, whatever it was It was gone, later on I had a neck injury and I wa spit on corticoesteroids again, couple of days later my I started having concussion symtoms like nausea, vision problems, sensetivity to light, anxiety, headaches, went to the same dr and he said it was the same thing I had on my arm but now is in my head, got rid of it now, a normal Dr wouldnt know what it was so Im stuck with magnets since the symtoms come and go, weaker but still, what could this be, have anyone of you ecperienced this before, any advise, bloodwork was fine, lipids, thyroid, etc

Dr said its bacteria being trapped in those places because my immune system is weak, which I see how that can happen cuz when I was on cycle I was getting sick often, so I was with the corticosteroids, but he still dont know exactly what it is, other real drs doesnt even know what could they prescribe since they dont know what it is, lust order some natures way immune something appetantly is the best on the market, other than that my diet is good clean and green and has been like that for months, lets see how it goes