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Post Cycle - Need Guidance

Hey guys, just curious what would be quite solid for a pct.

My cycle regiment:

200mg test C mon/thurs for 8 weeks

225 test C mon/thurs for 8 weeks

I also took anavar for 8 weeks

I was in a shitty cycle, gained a ton of weight but I feel like crap, wanna get off safely as possible.

Thanks guys.

Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 start three weeks after your last pin.

How much was your caloric surplus?

4200 calories, 4 days a week working out 3 days just eating chicken, rice, sandwiches, lots of yam.

What was your Anavar dose regiment? And did you feel bloated from the var?

Were you using any AI’s?

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Someone else just posted something similar and felt bad.

Var lowers SHBG and I always run test daily or EOD to account for that. Never had a bad run doing it that way

I used anastrozole once a week for the last 8 weeks since I upped my dosage.

No bloating, I did have some bloating originally as signs of high E2 but I started the AI as I saw signs.

No signs right now

How much anastrozole did you take once a week?

Just to be clear, you took a total amount of 450mg of test weekly, split in two doses? Or 225 mg weekly, split in two doses?

First 8 weeks of my cycle it was
200MG a week. (100 mon/thurs)

Second 8 weeks of my cycle it was
450MG a week ( 225 tues/Friday) CURRENTLY

After my 8 weeks, I noticed side effects and I took .5MG of Anastrozole.

When in your cycle did you start feeling like crap? For how long and in what frequency have you been taking 0.5mg of anastrozole?

What was your var dose? Did you buy your var from a trusted source (asking since it’s often faked)?

I started feeling like crap when I upped my dosage of test from 200mg of test a week to 450mg a week and added in Var after 8 weeks

25mg of var for first 4 weeks of the beginning of the second 8 weeks
And then the second 4 weeks it was 50mg of var

Yea, the stuff was legit.

I have been taking the anastrozole .5mg every Tuesday for the last 6 weeks? I think?

I also have not mentioned things about my nipples. Think I have some sort of prolactin abnormalities, because my nipples have been slightly puffy and irritated. Being off cycle, this still is an issue. But no puffy ness or sensitivity, but I have secretions.

P5P 300mg daily will help, and it’s OTC