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Post Cycle Muscle Retention


Within a week I'll be ending my first pro-hormone cycle. I used a very mild PH for my first (H-Drol). I will be starting my PCT soon. (Blueup, ATD, creatine, and PC liver support)

I was wondering what the general rule of thumb is on maintaining added muscle/body composition after a PH cycle and PCT.

Is it simply eating maintenance calories for you're new weight? (along with continuing your current program)



Normal procedure for post cycle muscle retention involves eating 10000 calories per day, once daily injections of trenbolone enanthate, tatooing judy garland inside your ass cheek and watching re-runs of house constantly throughout the day. It also helps to walk around with your muscles constantly tensed and your arms held out at a 45 degree angle.


Hahaha, Thanks for the tips. I'll try it out. Should I flare my lats while tensing my arms?


Congrats on doing no quality research at all. None of what you listed is suitable for PCT.

Read the SERM/AI sticky or stop wasting space here.


I guess quality was lacking. Research, however, was done.

I based this experience on this "guide". I assumed it had substance... guess I was wrong.

I did read xXDevilDogXx's sticky, however, I was under the impression that the majority of those substances were injection based and/or not OTC.

I didn't think that my question was that revolting, but if it was... my bad.


There is a "pro hormone" sticky. Read that too.


I have read Makavali's sticky as well. He suggested Nolvadex and Tamoxifen. Both of which are illegal.


Those are the same drug.

It isnt illegal. It just requires a prescription. But you can get it from any online pharmacy.

Or you can get it in research chemical form. Which is not illegal for research purposes. Try googling this stuff.


Thanks for the info. I'll look into it.


you are worried about illegaility??

mate.... you're in the wrong game.


i miss the days when people used to talk about receptors and up regulation and down regulation and blood levels and various other scientificky stuff (yes its a word).

why don't you clever ones start talking about that stuff again? amongst yourselves?

there's loads to learn with regards to peptides and stuff. you could encourage me to waste more of my money on pharmaceuticals. more than i have already done in my life.


I could talk about that kind of stuff all day, its just not many people want to talk about those kinds of topics it seems


You showed up about 2-5 years too late


Yep. I recall prisoner posting a lot, and a lot less 19yr old 165lb 6'1 dudes looking for big bis and pecs...

How is your gyno doing wyldfower?


I first showed up around 2005, a guy at my gym suggest a check out a website called 'tnation'

He told me once you don't need more than a cc of test and a cc of deca per week; and the truth is he really is not that far off... 250mgs of test enenthate and 200mgs of nandralone decanoate would do most newbies pretty freaking well I think, no???


lol, whut? i ain't never had no gyno!

must be a lucky one. Mad acne and mood swings (manic depressive cycles, especialyl on PCT) but no gyno or noffink, no itchy nipples, not anything like that not never. Thank you very much


I got another question and I figure yall are the most knowledgeable on the topic.

In general, after an extended time off of PE hormones, will testosterone levels ever return to pre hormone usage? Anyone happen to have experimented with this via blood test?


Are you talking about without using PCT?


I'm referring to post PCT. Say for example 4 months after your PCT.


If an adult male does 1 normal length cycle and comes off with PCT. There is a real good chance that he'll be fine 4 months later. It is very hard to make accurate general statements about something like this. IMO general statements are pretty useless for things that have highly individual results.