Post Cycle Labs - Safe to Start Another?

I am 10 weeks removed from finishing my last PCT. I am eager to run Test 500/wk for 12 weeks, and Var weeks 8-14. I feel absolutely great, but a few things popped up in my labs that I would like some input on. My TT is about 200 higher than my normal baseline, and my prolactin is super high.

CBC & Metabolic panel all are good, everything in reference range.

TT : 745 NG/DL - Ref Range 264-916
FT : 17.6 PG/ML - Ref 8.7-25.1
SHBG : 46.3 NMOL - Ref 16.5-55.9
FSH : 5.3 MIU - Ref 1.5-12.4
LH : 5.3 MIU - Ref 1.7-8.6
**Prolactin : 39.2 - Ref 4.0-15.2
** Estradiol Sensitive : 38.8 - Ref 8.0-35.0

  1. My cholesterol has been bad since I was 14 years old, used to be LDL 265-280 and HDL 28-32. Diet has always been good, I’ve always been leaner, never eaten shitty foods. Through red yeast rice, fish oil, niacin, I have lowered my LDL to 170 and raised HDL to 40. These levels have been both off and while on cycle, they have not moved but a few points on either cycle I have run. Not ideal, but I have made sure they did not raise while on cycle, which makes me feel slightly better.

  2. Prolactin - 39.2 NG/ML ref 4.0-15.2 - very high. Base for me is 12-13. So this is very high, residual effects from last cycle?

  3. E2 is 38.8 PG/ML - ref is 8.0-35 so just barely high.

I would more or less love input as to whether or not it would be risky/stupid to run my next cycle. After seeing my Test at 745, I wonder if it’s even worth it. My baseline test levels are 550 for the past 3-4 years. Not sure why they are at 745, but I’m assuming they will come down more the longer I am removed from Nolva?

Thank you in advance for any advice.

I’d wait. That’s a good natty test level and the prolactin could get out of hand if you start another cycle (although unlikely on just test and var). Maybe take some P5P and lower it over the next four weeks, get another blood draw, and assess from there?


I did have Gyno as a kid (puffy nipple stuff, not full on), but my prolactin is usually in the mid reference range. I did not run any AI last cycle (DBol 4 weeks and Test E 500/wk for 10 weeks).

I admittedly have never looked into P5P,
But looks like it’s a readily available product? Is there any brand to specifically seek out? And what about daily dosage?

Truly appreciate the advice!

Sorry, couple other questions popped up…

I have felt zero effects of high prolactin levels, no nipple issues, no ED whatsoever, feel honestly great. I know everyone here says treat the symptoms and not the numbers. I used no AI last cycle and felt WAY better than my first cycle with Aromasin.
Are my numbers shockingly high from what you have seen?
Could my slightly high E2 be the cause for my high prolactin?
It is my understanding that maintaining E2 levels correlates to maintaining prolactin levels… Should I incorporate a very small dose of AI next cycle to hopefully prevent the rise of prolactin?

I am ordering some P5P now and will definitely retest in four weeks. Just hard not to go down the rabbit hole when I did not expect to see any alarming numbers with how great I have felt post cycle.

Have you consider the blood was an error. It happens a lot. These blood labs don’t hire grad students to run these tests. Do a mini blood test and check again. If your E2 and P is over range I would not start another cycle if you don’t plan to use an AI. Over range E2 and prolactin is how you grow boobies and it sounds like you’ve already got the seeds planted from your youth

I’m really not sure, kind of at a loss here.

Given both my prolactin being high and my E2 being slightly high, would that make it less likely that it’s a false reading? Or more likely?

I have read for some time now about Test to E2 ratios and not treating the number, but rather the symptoms. Could my E2 be slightly high due to my Test being higher than normal?

My baseline TT is always in the 500s. I’ve never had 745 TT. Given that is so high, could that be a potential reason my E2 is about 10 points higher than normal (only 3 points above reference range)… thus causing my prolactin to be higher.

Sadly, I don’t have the greatest understanding of the intricacies or TT/FT/E2 and the rest. I should probably learn more than just the basics.

Thank you for your input! I’m definitely going to retest prolactin in 4 weeks after taking P5P as suggested by yuppie. Waiting a few weeks won’t kill me, although patience is not one of my better traits.

I also do have adex on hand, and Nolva. Not opposed to using an AI, however, with higher generic cholesterol, I’d prefer to use the least amount of compounds possible.

If I were you I’d get an MRI just to be sure you don’t have a pituitary tumor especially if you have insurance. I too have high prolactin though not near as high as yours (mine is 25 same range) and I have no noticeable effects from it. I read having an orgasm the day of the test can make prolactin show as high but don’t quote me on that.k

Given all my numbers were elevated over baseline, I’m hoping that it is nothing serious like that, and rather my body just still adjusting a bit. Although having finished PCT the first week of May, I certainly feel like I should be fine.

Going to run the P5P for four weeks and retest E2 absolutely prolactin. Hopefully some improvement. If not, I may look into an MRI just to be safe. Tricky subject with my current doctor after already denying blood work. Really need to start looking for a new doctor first and foremost.

Thank you for the advice, hope it’s nothing that extreme! I definitely did bust a nut once or twice within 12-15 hours of the test. Haha.

[quote=“aaronca, post:6, topic:258299”]
Given both my prolactin being high and my E2 being slightly high, would that make it less likely that it’s a false reading? Or more likely?[/quote]

No E2 and prolactin have nothing to do with one another.

[quote=“aaronca, post:6, topic:258299”]
Could my E2 be slightly high due to my Test being higher than normal?[/quote]

Yes, T converts to E2 as well as other hormones.

[quote=“aaronca, post:6, topic:258299”]
My baseline TT is always in the 500s. I’ve never had 745 TT. Given that is so high, could that be a potential reason my E2 is about 10 points higher than normal[/quote]

Maybe but you just stopped a cycle right? That is probably why. Your old TT of 500 and now you have 745 maybe you had a very good PCT and it woke your balls up. I would sure want to know if my natty numbers went up that much. You would be one luck dude.

Hoping it’s just a solid PCT resulting in high test, however I would like to think that a successful PCT would also result in better E2/Prolactin levels. Maybe I just need a bit more time?

I’m driving myself nuts reading more about prolactin. My levels are three times the high reference range, yet have not experienced a single side effect. Erections / sex drive is as good as its ever been, my wife even asked if I was on cycle last week due to my libido. It also says it can decrease levels of test in men, clearly not an issue.

Guess I need to just chill out, and retest in a few weeks.

As always, I appreciate all of your input/advice, and take it seriously.

Can you get your hands on some Cabergoline? That is specific for high prolactin.

I would imagine I can, but have not asked specifically. Would you advise a small run of that? Or wait four weeks and retest before going that route? I have heard some mixed things regarding caber.

Thank you!

Ya I wouldn’t mess with caber. Your levels aren’t crazy your tits aren’t leaking and your not have ED but most importantly your not using any drugs that drastically raise prolactin.

Caber is extremely effective at what it does it will bottom your prolactin it does this thru flooding your brain with dopamine. It’s not a drug to be taken lightly it has its place in high tren cycles and for people who are suffering from high prolactin side effects and ofcourse people with Parkinsons. But in your situation you should do everything else to try and lower it first. This shouldn’t be an issue unless you have an underlying medical issue.

Thank you. Any other tips on lowering prolactin aside from Iron Yuppies suggestion of P5P?
Would you too, suggest waiting to run my Test/Var cycle until I get it within reference range (2-15)?

Thanks again Zeek!

Um I think there is some diet changes you can make not sure Google will know.

Also that’s one prolactin test. Your prolactin can raise and drop within minutes you really need more then one test to determine a median. Especially sense your not having side effects it could have just been a spike.

Start the p5p at 200mg split thru day grab a couple more test.

As for starting another cycle. I personally wouldn’t let elevated prolactin on one test when I’m having no side effects stop me from running a test and var cycle. But that’s just me I don’t know I try to give the best advice not necessarily what I would do but I just dont see a big issue with starting test and var in your particular situation.

Maybe run the p5p for a couple week get another test and go from there

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Much appreciated!

I looked online briefly the past few days and everything I find regarding high prolactin is regarding treatment and lowering levels with medication.

I will bump up the P5P and go from there.

Thank you again