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Post Cycle Hypoganadism

I finished a 12 week deca /test 500 each ew cycle back in April. My PCT nolv/clomid 40/40/20/20 -50/50/50/50, was finished in May. I just recently got BW done and my test and LH levels are extremely low, about half of the normal range! I just started another PCT to restart my body’s LH/Test production. I was told by a vet from this site to start with HCG for 3 weeks, 250x 2 a week with aromisan to start, followed by weeks of clomid/nolva.

My question is, if I am trying to restart my LH, wouldn’t I want to blast it instead of low spread out doses? Something more along the lines of 500 HCG ed for 10 days, rather than spreading it out for weeks?

I would be reticent to use high doses of HCG as you may decrease the sensitivity to LH within your leydig cells. But I’m no expert.

Check the TRT forum. There are some restart threads in there.

Use the search bar

Try google. I can’t remember the exact way it’s done.

well im gonna go with 250 hch eod untill the 5000iu are done, im will use an Ai ed while doing this then do clomid 100/100/50/50/50 and clomid 40/40/20/20/20 prey for me

Make sure to taper off the serms as well.