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Hello Nation,

By way of introduction I recently finished an anavar 70mg and tbol 50mg cycle, first oral cycle wanted to feel things out. I've done few injectables before just wanted to see if orals where even worth it.

My strength and size exploded to say the least. My PCT was Clomid for 50mg ED for 10 days and I managed to keep 12 of the 16lbs I put on which seemed reasonably well.

2 weeks after PCT (March 25th) I started cutting and dropped the creatine, I still had the 12lbs from my cycle and my cutting was not drastic at all, 15min sometimes 30mins cardio post workout and around 150g carbs ED. Today I woke up and felt huge and ripped, but I am 8 pounds lighter holy fuck... Im scared if this is muscle even though I still have kept all my strength and size, I think.

I was thinking it was water weight the I dropped from the discontinued use of creatine monohydrate but I am still a bit paranoid... Any input?


No simple, obvious answer, but...

it was a short PCT, for starters. I'm sure you felt great throughout your post cycle, yet that doesn't necessarily mean that your HPTA was fully recovered, thus low T is one possible explanation.

Wrt keeping 12 pounds of gain a few weeks after your cycle ended, that's too early to make a proper assessment. Glycogen + water is certainly one significant constituent of early gains in any cycle, and usually comes off pretty fast, so that may be the explanation, irrespective of the creatine, if it wasn't a hormonal or metabolic issue, or a combination of all three.

And why go from that cycle to cutting so soon? IME I need to pretty much force my body to accept the fact that it's going to be at a higher weight after finishing a cycle, and that corresponds to a good two months of eating at the necessary levels.


a certified IFBB told me to, I guess Im going to see how my body reacts but he say's that most of it is water since I have kept my overall size and strength, just look... sharper. lol.. thanks, im going to keep researching and let you know if anything


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the cycle consisted of 4 weeks of oral turinabol at 50mg ED and 6 weeks of anavar at 70mg for a 6 week cycle. most gains came with the tbol, however i am sure the var helped me solidify them.



Can't say exactly what it is, but for me, within the first week or two or dieting I can drop 6lbs or so from just altering what and how much I eat. Most of this would be the weight of food as well as some water loss.

Also, personally, I would never diet without being on something.

It's hard to pinpoint why you dropped all that weight but it's probably a combination of factors.