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Post Cycle - HCG and Clomid

I know that there is general information on these topics by checking the FAQ’s or doing a search but I would really appreciate some people’s opinions as well.

I just finished my first ever cycle of gear. I did a 16 week cycle. Maybe a bit long maybe not. I finished up with Testosterone Enanthate.

Now - My main concern as I’m sure everyone’s is after a cycle. How to properly get my body back to running normally on its own and at the same time trying to minimize my losses.

I do have HCG and Clomid on hand. It’s been 5 days since my last injection.

Giving my situation when would be the proper time to start the post cycle?

Other Misc Info:

Currently training 4 days/week.
Diet: 300g protein/day and 250g carbs/day

Age - 26
Height - 6’0
Weight - 194lbs
Yrs Lifting - 8

Please don’t tell me to go search again or read the FAQ’s. I would actually appreciate bodybuilding opinions from past experience’s.

Im just really concerned about crashing or messing up my body after finishing up.

Thanks so much in advance.

If I didn’t post some vital information please let me know.


well bro. you really should have gotten these answers before starting. that being said. here is some real advice for you. 16 weeks is quite long and you ended with a long acting esther in enanthate. i dont know what your cycle consisted of or at what dosages so i am just speculating. dont use the hcg as it will only further inhibit recovery of the hpta. if you are two weeks post cycle then go ahead and frontload your clomid at 300mgs. run 100mgs/ed of clomid for 10 days. drop to 50mgs/ed of clomid and run that as needed. you are probably extremely suppressed so i would expect needing it for a month or two. maybe run some tribex or other prohormone along with the clomid.

Listen to drago, he knows what he’s talking about. Do NOT use the HCG, it’s to late. (You could have used it during the cycle, but not after)

Hi Drago1,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I was doing 500mg/week of Test Enanthate at the end.

So just to make sure I’m clear.

After weeks of my last injection, start Clomid at 300mg for the first day and then 100mg/day for the next 10 days and then 50mg/day after that?

Or how many days do you frontload for?

I really appreciate your help mate. If you require any addition info please let me know.


Drago1 meant do 300mg the first day then 100 mg for 10 days. I would recommend with your situation that you do 100 mg of clomid everyday for 8 weeks according to Cy’s protocol.

prisoner has a point. i simply gave you a generic recovery protocol based on the limited info provided. but yes you are no doubt severely suppressed and you cant really overdo the clomid right now. prisoners protocol would work nicely for you too.

My version of Animal’s protocol

Clomid 100mg ED W1/50mg ED W2-W3
Nolvadex 20mg ED W1/10mg ED W2-W3
Adex .25mg ED W1 .25mg EOD W2-W4

He used this to get his wife pregnent after being shut down for months.

After your done I suggest boosting LH/FSH w/ Tribex and M. I suggest doing 1/2 the dose of Tribex as I thought it was too much and caused too large a T spike resulting in a little estrogen feedback and slight supression.

I hope you will be able to recover bro… I fucked up once and kept myself shutdown too long… took me about 12 weeks to get my levels back to normal. Should have thought about this before. Please in the future stick to shorter cycles. Twisted posted a very good post cycle protocol. My post cycle protocol is slightly different… here is what I do.
Clomid 100mgs
Letrozole .5mgs
Halotestin 10mgs in the morning
or… androgel 1 pack in the morning
or… d-bol 10mgs in the morning
or… test enanth 75mgs/week (only use the enanth for one shot when your blood levels of androgens are considerably low… you should still be able to regain LH production while maintaining some androgenic activity in your body)
Methoxygen by VPX two servings daily
(methoxygen has methoxy to help retain gains, androtriol to blunt cortizol response, and tribulus to get your LH back in gear)
Redkat to stifle the sex hormone binding globulin a little bit.
Clenbuterol or any beta 2 antagonist…
the cAMP production will help with protein synthesis and whatnot post cycle
Finally… creatine gotta love it.

Or primo at 200mgs a week forever, I mean for a few weeks. I would go with the Cy protocal as well and take clomid @ 100mgs day for minimum of 8 weeks. I personally would probably do it longer.

lol spook. i vote for forever.

Where can I find Cy’s protocol - what article?

Next, should primo be run concurrently with the clomid, or prior to the clomid? In other words, say one does an 8 week cycle. Normal protocol would be (depending upon the juice during the cycle) to start clomid 2 weeks later.

So, the cycle ends. Two weeks later (10th week) is one running the primo for a few weeks THEN the clomid, or use the primo WITH the clomid. I would think think the former…am I right?

squatty “or… test enanth 75mgs/week (only use the enanth for one shot when your blood levels of androgens are considerably low… you should still be able to regain LH production while maintaining some androgenic activity in your body)”

Some bros I know on HRT attest to that. As long as you stay slightly below your normal test levels right?