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Post-Cycle Gyno

Thursday of last week (5 weeks post SERM PCT) while showering I noticed small lump under my left nipple that was sensitive to the touch. There were no issues on cycle. Estrogen rebound seems like the only plausible explanation. I immediately stopped the GH peptides, started 20 mg Nolva/day, and started 1 mg Arimidex/day for 4 days, and .5 mg Arimidex/day since (I’m a weak responder to Arimidex). Unfortunately, I did this before I thought to get bloods done, and I know Nolva fucks with estrogen measurements.

I also know Nolva and Arimidex reputedly interfere with each other, but based on some searches, it seemed simultaneous systemic reduction of estrogen and receptor blocking in breast tissue was worth some degree of interference. I don’t have Letro, but in any case, I read that Letro could end up exacerbating gyno stemming from estrogen rebound.

It’s been almost a week. There’s been some reduction of sensitivity and I think the lump is smaller (note: seems less sensitive in morning than at night) â?? however it’s definitely still there (quite small). Continue with the current course? Time to see the doctor?

You thought about running letro but then taper off slowly to prevent estrogen rebound