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Post Cycle Gyno and Low T

Did a 12 week cycle of tren test and I have finished my pct but am experience some Gyno and low t.


Tren E 500mg
Test E 500mg


Test E 500mg

Week 14-16
Hcg 400mg ED
Nolvadex 20mg ED

I continued the nolvadex after for a a couple weeks at 20mg and when i experienced gyno 5 days ago i have upped my dose to 40mg. This is not my first cycle I have done many other cycles with no result of gyno so I never saw the need to use a AI but this is my first time using hcg and I’ve realized now that you’re suppose to do it during the cycle and not after. I know I severely messed myself up and I’m looking for solid answers. I’m currently on week 19 and I am experiencing gyno with two lumps. I also believe the nolvadex I received was bunk.


Testosterone, serum 57ng/dL Reference 264-916ng/dL

Prolactin 12ng/mL Reference 4-15.2ng/mL

Estrogen, Total 90pg/mL Reference 40-115pg/mL

I will be leaving in 12 days and will be unable to take anything to help resolve this problem so I just want to know what I should do/take for the next 12 days before I leave as I will be unable to do anything about it for a while. I will have letro coming in 2 days and nolvadex, clomid, and aromasin coming in tomorrow. I don’t think letro is a option right now because I will be unable to taper it off I’m fine keeping the gyno I currently have I just don’t want anymore growth to continue.

The three red flags that stick out to me is

  1. estrogen “rebound” does not exsist.
  2. how do you develop gyno while taking nolva.
  3. your estrogen on that test isn’t all that high.

What exactly is your definition of developing gyno? I’m not necessarily doubting you I’m just trying to get a better understanding of what’s going on.

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I have two small lumps under both of my nipples that are tender and sore that where not there a week ago. I know my estrogen is within the ranges that why I am confused but keep in mind that my estrogen is higher then my testosterone. I believe the nolva I had was fake. I didn’t get gyno during the cycle or on hcg that’s why I called it a rebound.

This could be a very real possibility.

When we’re those labs taken?

Two days ago

I just realized I read your test levels wrong. The best advice I could give at this point is to order different nolva and try another pct. As far as the gyno is concerned my understanding is letro is the best option for the symptoms your describing. Your still shut down from the hcg use during pct but if there is any chance the nolva is fake it’s better to play it safe and get some new stuff.

After you run another normal pct wait 45 days and get labs drawn again.

I feel like there is stilll something I’m not seeing here. I guarantee I’m not the only one reading this thread so if there is something I left out or better advice you will get it.

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Would a week of aromasin prevent any further growth?

It would nuke your e2, which would work, but also cause a lot of other unwanted problems. You need a SERM, plain and simple. Ralox is the go-to for gyno that’s starting to form, but that’s also 98% bronectdotal (that’s an anecdote told by bros) so maybe Nolva will be just as good.

I’m thinking of running
Aromasin 12.5mg ED
Clomid 250mg ED
Nolvadex 40mg ED

For ten days while doing no taper because I will be unable to take anything. Thoughts on this?

You’re going to go blind on that much Clomid. Not only is that dose unnecessary but the drug itself isn’t particularly good when you compare it to Nolva overall. Nolva dosed at 20mg had the same effect in hypogonadal men as Clomid at 150mg. You can still use it if you’re really gung-ho about it, but you need like 1/5 of that dose.

dont use clomid more than 50mg per day and if you ask me dont use any. see how you will get with nolvadex