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Post Cycle for Test E

I have been on test enanthate 250mg a week for some time now. Long cycle. Coming off test enth now and planning to take tamoxifen. I already have lots of tamoxifen boxes which I brought over recently from my overseas trip I have heard about tapering down when it comes to post cycle therapy . The general consensus seems to be that one uses doses of say for example 20mg for a few weeks before cutting this down to 10, then gradually to 5mg before terminating the use of this product. Cam anyone give me any specific advise re the matter?

I cant wait to see my balls again!! ALso what`s been the expereince of you fellow meat heads in relation to the use of steroids and libido???
For me personally right t the outset it had a profound effect on increasing my libido BUT after a couple of months even the androgen enanthate seem to have had a negative feect upon and reduced my sex drive . My feeling of well being is closely linked to having good sex so I m probably wise keeping away from deca or the high anabolic low androgenic steroids, what else should i keep away from and whats the best for me?? Thanks STED HEADS!HA

Thanks for the help