Post Cycle Diet

Hey just been thinking about my diet during but more so my diet post cycle, it is my first cycle and I’m not starting it for another couple months due to I’m still on a cut after a pretty long bulk.

So my goals are pretty simple I just wanna put on as much solid muscle as possible, I put on fat pretty easy due to my body not being very insulin sensitive so I have gotten pretty good at cutting away fat and keeping most of my gains after a bulk.

Although I have no idea what its like coming off a cycle. Normally when I cut/bulk natty I would slowly drop down calories each week about 100 cals or so while dialing back on the carbs and fats until I’m at maintenance calories then sit at maintenance for a couple weeks before I start to cut then I’d slowly drop down 4/500 calories below maintenance while upping my protein. While I cut my macros generally are like this depending on what kind of training I’m doing carbs at about 30% protein 60% and fats 10% this has worked for me for years I change things around depending on my lifting and what not.

So basically I’m just asking is this going to work for me when I come off my cycle?

Will I gain much fat during my cycle or does gear help keep most of it off?

If I do gain too much fat how long before I can start a cut?

From what I’v read while trying to bulk on a cycle I can eat more cals then a natty bulk is this true?

cheers for reading long ass post