Post Cycle Cutting Diet?

Hey forum, I am three weeks out from finishing a cutting cycle consisting of winny and prop. I’ve been carb cycling with clen and have lost a lot of fat, from 196 to 186 so far and more muscular. Bodyfat is at 10%, I want to get down to at least 7-8% range.

My diet right now looks like this:
4 days low carb (only dextrose post workout and trace carbs from veggies and shakes) followed by 1 carb up day. Then four low carb days again and so on.

My training:
Cardio: 1hr walking 5x a week
Weights: 5x a week.

I was wondering how should I adjust my diet and training beginning PCT in order to reduce fat gain or muscle loss. Continued fat loss would be optimal but I don’t know if I should still be on a caloric deficit while in PCT.

I’ve searched on the subject and find conflicting info (some people say train less, eat more… others say train harder and keep eating the same etc…)

Cycle: 8 week prop and winny with clen here and there. PCT: Nolva 40/40/20/20


[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Q: Why would ou use dextrose PWO if you want to build a lean physique?

I already think I kow what you are going to say, but I want to hear you say it. Besides I might be wrong in my guess.

PWO carbs is not ideal IME.


Well, to be honest, it’s because since I don’t want to go 0 carb, I figured why not use the low amount of carbs I am allowed post-workout? I also feel it is what works best for me.