Post Cycle Checkup Qs

I have some questions about finishing this cycle. I know they have been answered but I just want to feel warm and fuzzy about the end of so much fun.

Precycle stats: 200lbs 15-17% BF (let go of diet a bit but was normally around 190 and 13ish) 405-315-545 big 3 PRs

Oncycle finishing around 205 @ 11-12% BF and hit 505-365 but dont bench anymore-605 and 545 for 5

1st cycle ran 500mg test E a week and arimidex 1g per week on injection days after 1st month and took a short break (as kind of a test). I also ran HCG most weeks but it ran out and after my cycle went a couple weeks longer than expected.

PCT will be Nolva 40-20-20 started at 11th day after last pin. I will be taking arimidex through the week I am off the test.

Blood work I will probably get done day 10 before Nolva is started and of course after nolva. I dont expect getting back to my baseline will be overly difficult. It was 273 then after a month of even cleaner eating and no drinking it dropped to 235 (probably variance more than anything). Both times my estrogen levels were a little high and my LH and Free Test were pretty laughable as well. Basically my precycle levels are what people are afraid of their post cycle levels being :smiley:

Week 8ish I started getting acne on my back. How do I combat that? Excessive showering helped minimally. Nolva? Clomid? instead of arimidex? increase arimidex?

Is it better to take arimidex on injection days? inbetween? or just be consistent?

What can I expect to lose coming off? I feel coming off is going to be a little rough mentally, mostly I am worried about getting chubby though.

Does everything else look good?