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Post Cycle- Change

I have just finished a androsol/nandrosol 2 week cycle. I would like to extend the cycle. I have two ideas: First, continue w/ 70 sprays of androsol and add 4 tribex 2/day w/ 1 methoxy 3/day for another six weeks. Second, do the above but in the last two week add the nandrosol back in. After either of the above take 12 weeks off, just using normal supplements.

I am doing King's bring the pain for upper and lower and eating 1.5 grms of protein/ lb. I would like to continue excellent recovery rates I get while using the andro/nandro products.

I guess I should have asked a question! Is it ok (from a health standpoint) to extend in this manner, if so which would be better. If not, just tell me I can handle the truth. Thanks, JD

PS I have no clomid, just tribex: