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Post Cycle Blues


hi there

well I have completed my 2nd cycle and Ive had pretty much the same experience as my 1st cycle. Fabulous for about a month or two post cycle then most of my gains (if not all) seem to disappear. Followed the test taper protocol and well everything seemed pretty cool until 2 weeks ago (having already been a month off the normal cycle dosage). My cholesterol was pretty high so I stopped the rHGH and was pretty much off everything 2 weeks ago...and well all my gains have pretty much gone. Ive dropped from 91kg to 85kg and I started at 85kg.

Now the funny thing is, my first cycle everyone told me my PCT was over the top and although i did loose gains then...i did manage to retain about 3kg of muscle. Now after my 2nd cycle, all i seem to be left with is acne and some stretch marks. Ive done blood tests and my levels seem pretty normal and my cholesterol is better than normal.

The question I have is, how do guys keep most of their gains post cycle. Ive seen that mostly with Ethanate most of the gains go after a while. Also if you look at some of the pros like flex wheeler...now off most of the juice he looks pretty skinny. Whereas Gary Strydom now 46 and Sergio Oliver well into his 50's looked pretty awsome...im assuming they are/were still on juice.

My eating has been pretty much the same as it was on cycle and my training as well...ive just gotten a bit self conscious now since ive lost most of my gains and the acne is really an irritation.

I know you guys are probably going to refer me to PCT stickies but im here more to ask everyones experiences post cycle and what has work for you to keep your gains. I dont plan to be on roids my whole life...i want to gain a pretty decent amount of muscle (perhaps get up to 95kg ripped) and then maintain. My arms were 18 inches now they back down to 16.5 inches...which totally sux.

anyway looking forward to the response here....thanks guys.


You need to create new muscle fibres to retain more permanent muscle size. Low rep, heavy weight routines on the major lifts have given me the best results, both off and on the juice. You have also likely got issues with your diet and protein intake and most of the gains you are probably seeing are water weight, but the fact it takes two months to lose them does bring that into question.


Yep my diet definitely needs tweaking. It currently looks like this:

8am - Whey Protein Shake, Bowel of Oats, cup of milk, 6 egg whites, 1 slice of bread, tea, 1 banana

10.30am - meal replacement (23grams of protein, 40 grams of carbs), maybe a slice of toast of 2 with tea

12.30 - half a chicken, 3 potatoes, mayo

3pm - meal replacement

6pm - fish, sweet potatoes, broccoli

9pm - post workout whey protein

before bed around 11pm - casin protein shake

Ive kept my rep range around 8 reps (starting with a 15 rep warm up set). One would also think the acne would have cleared up by now.... I think another reason ive lost most of my gains is while doing the test taper my natural test levels were still suppressed.. and coming out of it my body still had to recover so with low test levels i lost most of my gains. Whereas with my previous cycle and my over the top PCT i managed to keep some decent gains.