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Post Cycle Bloods


OK, so I recently completed my third cycle. I ran test 750 a week tren 300 a week for 16 weeks had some Tbol on the front end and I had some winny on the back end. Anyway used arimidex eod .5 mg estrogen was all good on cycle. So for pct I ran hcg 500iu for 10 days then I got kinda a little stupid with my nolva and clomid didn’t realize how much I had of each so I ended up running like 40 mgs nolva for 3 weeks along with clomid 150 for the first two of those weeks then 3rd week dropped clomid to 100mgs then 4th week just went clomid 100mgs and 5th and 6th week clomid 50 mgs. Anyway I finished my pct about a month ago, and I know it might have been a little early but I decided to get some bloods done just to check. So my test was at 137! and my estrogen is literally none existent and both my FSH and LH are low. Right now I’m 4 weeks out from a show and I’ve been prepping for the past 15 weeks energy has been pretty good still getting good workouts and what not and I’ve clearly kept most of my gains from the cycle, but I’m worried as I get closer to show date and my cals keeps dropping if ill lose my gains. Most importantly I’m worried whether or not I’ll ever recover so what do you guys think I should do?

btw I’m 23 so yea I know I’m too young and all that but the past is the past its already happened I’m looking for constructive feedback. I’m aware of past mistakes which is exactly why I’m here