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Post Cycle Blood Work: Need Advice

Age: 39
Weight: 175-180

I ran 16 week test cyp cycle. PCT: clomid, nolvadex and HCG. This was the first time running clomid during PCT. I’ve ran 3 other 12 week cycles over the last 6 years and only used nolvadex. After finishing this 4 week PCT I got bad acned on my shoulders and chest. Never had this happen before. My guess is that I should of ran my PCT longer than 4 weeks since my cycle was longer. This cycle went long because I was traveling and had to time my PCT to that. Plus I was still seeing gains. I finished PCT 3 months ago and just had my blood work done. Was hoping I could get some feedback on my results. Specifically on how I might be able to lower my SHBG. Not sure why my cholesterol is high too. I eat super clean. No dairy, but do eat lots of eggs. Will say that I was drinking heavily over the holiday break. Not sure if that might of fucked up my A/G ratio. I fasted for 12 hours before this blood work and am attaching the bloods I got before. Though I couldn’t get a test for SHBG or Free test before this last cycle. Any feedback would be appreciated. The first upload is the latest. Second is before. Thanks.

Do you have a family history of high cholesterol? If so, that solves the mystery. You can take some supps to correct you’re cholesterol (krill oil, fish oil, nac etc.) All help. You’re HDL-LDL ratio is good though, therefore it isn’t too worrying. If you’re concerned you can get HDL/LDL subfractions tested

Do you have bloods prior to you ever cycling? How do you currently feel? Acne from PCT can be from sudden dramatic shifts in hormonal status.

SHBG fluctuates, one blood test giving a high result doesn’t really mean anything.

Unfortunately I don’t have bloods before I ever starting. I was in college and like most didn’t know what I was doing at first.

High chloresterol does run in my family. Mines not too high and sure I can bring it down. My diet is super strict. Just hasn’t been high before.

This recovery was a little painful. Tired, mood swings, depression. Strength is coming back. Lost some weight but that was just water. Feeling better, but not as good as I did on cycle haha.

Dermatologist gave me some antibiotics for the acne which has helped a little. Fuckers are just annoying.

Just wasn’t sure about my SHBG. Is this not something to worry about?

Thinking of running another in May. But will get bloods again in the next few months to see where I’m at.