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Post cycle blood test - yikes

I got my blood test results today and all values were in the normal range except the
one used to measure kidney function.
What the f**k, i knew these values might be elevated immediately after a AAS cycle but 2-3 weeks afterwards ??. The course I did was dbol 40-50 mgs daily along with clomid and cytadren (Bills protocol) for 6 weeeks.

What value do you mean by “the kidney value”?

If you mean serum creatinine, it is normally
elevated in weight training athletes.

Yep serum creatinine.According to a specialist I´ve seen, my results indicate that I have around 50 % of normal function - This apparently is not of any importance yet , If I get under 20 % problems will appear.

My results were not merely high/low, but outside the normal range and this is 3 weeks post cycle - can I attribute this to training and steroids or should I be concerned?

You can attribute it to training. And yes, being outside the “normal” range on this
value is perfectly normal for resistance
training athletes.

The specialist should learn a little more
it seems.