Post Cycle Blood Test Results

I had my blood taken about 2 weeks after a methyl-1 test and 4-AD cycle. The doctor said everything is normal (though I’m not sure what “normal” is so maybe i could get some help here)

Liver values were good, bad cholesterol was really low and good cholesterol was fine. Test was 446 and free test was 20, im not sure what those are measured in, mcg/dl or something.

I guess my DHEA was high (i thought DHEA was a supp but that shows how dumb i am) at around 565. Can someone please clarify for me what the hell my blood DHEA is and let me know if the numbers are ok. Remember, this was 2 weeks after the cycle ended.

Your testosterone was measured in ng/dl. They should have tested you early in the morning. Your values fall in the normal range, which if I remember correctly is approximately 300-1000 ng/dl. The free testosterone is “unbound” and is about 1-2% of total testosterone. I haven’t really dealt with these tests much, so my numbers may be off (I am still a nursing student).