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Post Cycle and Dosis


Hello guys from T-Nation!! Im new to this kind of website and new to any roid site.
Im about to end my very first cycle of roids next week. I started using test-e for 2 weeks then added deca for the following 12 weeks of a total of 14 weeks jabing. I know I shouldnt started with two compounds, well i found out that later I started, and also now I know a 14 week cycle is too much. I guess you can call that a rookie mistake.

This is how I started jabing
week 1-2: Test-e 150mg monday and thrusday
week 3-6: Test-e 175mg and Deca 150mg mon/thur
week 7-11: Test-e 225mg and Deca 150mg mon/thur
week 12-14: Test-e 375mg and Deca 150mg mon/thur3
NOT really sure if they are real pharma. Im using TEST-E 300MG 1CC AND DECA 300MG 1CC.
I had no side effect what so ever. But the normal shrinkage of the nuts.
I was ready with some arimidex for some sign of gyno after i did some more research. Didnt need it

Well now the real questioning for all you expert guys out there.
Im planning of starting my PCV 2 weeks after my last jab with Clomid and Nolvadex in the following way

week 1: 150 clomid 40 nolvadex
week 2: 100 Clomid 30 nolvadex
week 3: 50 Clomid and 20 nolvadex

Im not sure if im doing the right thing and if those will be the ideal dosage. I been trying to find all possible info out there but hard to find. Like i said before Im new to the roid world and was really hard to see gains. So gave it a try
Please any advice on my pct, add or remove something, and dosage will be greatly appreciated

My main goal is to gain weight i started at 145lbs and im finishing now at 158lbs didnt see the results people talk about mixing those 2, but i dont know is if because they arent of a good quality. Any advice or experience in that lab will also help alot!

Well thanks in advance, any help advice comments anything will be greatly appreciated!!


So… you decided to run steroids at 145lbs… gained only 13lbs and don’t even know PCT dosage?

Oh boy… this should make for an interesting thread.


Why do all these noobs say roids, i hate that shit


[quote]eatliftsleep wrote:
Why do all these noobs say roids, i hate that shit[/quote]
So you know who not to give advice to


Guys well I knw all you would say. STEROID makes u happy now???
Keep all criticism I already heard them all. I know I did wrong.
I need advices if you post any advice you have the right to criticize. Atleast you trying to help. If not just keep your thoughts for yourself. Im peaty sure when you started you were not an expert. So now that you could possibly earned all that info im looking for try sharing.
Any advice will help!


Actually when most of us started we had read up and knew a fair amount of info.

Not sure if I am more amazed by fact you decided to run juice at 145lbs or that you only gained 13lbs.

As for PCT read the stickies on this board.


You should have stopped the deca 2 weeks before stopping the test because of the longer decanoate ester. Now you have to wait at least 3 weeks to do your PCT.

Do Nolva for PCT. 6 weeks minimum.


If you are not getting blood work, you better start taking your AI. 0.25mg EOD. Gyno is not the only thing high estrogen causes.

And for fuck’s sake…

You started at 145lbs and gained 13lbs. I will bet that is all water because you were not taking your AI. Which means you gained nothing from this cycle. Which means you wasted your bloody time and you may lose what little muscle you had before the cycle if you are suppressed too long.

Oh well. Good luck.


I would definitely reccommend that you use HCG before you start your Nolvadex and Clomid.
Use 500iu minimum everyday for about 2 weeks and then start your SERMs.

Deca is one of the compounds that shuts you down the worst, and in my opinion it is better safe than sorry.
If you take the HCG like I am suggesting you have a significantly better chance of recovering much faster and keeping more of your gains.

But you can only keep your cycle gains naturally if you have learned how to make gains naturally (caloric intake is the number one factor in my opinion). How much did you weight before you started lifting?


Thank you for the advice @dt79 so only nolva for 6 weeks. No clomid at all?? And also u telling me to take Ai? U mean taking arimidex with the nolva? And how?


@andy.now thanks for ur advice man. I heard that hcg is really gd as a pct. Actually i was planning on running hcg nolva and clomid as my pct. But i dont find hcg anywhere. My dealer is not so trustfull and i dont trust his brands at all. Also he was the one that got me to start on juice at first. I im supposed to jab today 375 test-e and 300 deca but i guess ill stop deca now and keep on test for two more jabs. Meaning tonight and friday last. Lets say i dont find hcg, nolva and clomid toghether will help?

Thanks brother!


And i started with 145lbs and now im at 158lbs. Not water retention at all.


Oh so you think you gained 13lbs of lean muscle lol.


regardless of what you did or did not gain, you need to do the PCT that dt79 suggested.

I would also get some bloodwork. Deca can affect other hormones like prolactin which, if it gets too high, can cause some pretty serious sexual dysfunction. I’d imagine that’s something you’d like to avoid.

You did fuck up a bit, but it’s not too late to correct it.


Thank you yogi I started my AI already.