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Post Cycle 3x?!? PH Cycle


Okay well im running my first prohormone cycle. The compund is methylstenbolone, Im running 12/16/16/20. Im already into the 2nd week and im seeing gains. Now my PCT is Post Cycle 3x. Im wondering if that is a good enough PCT for this strong prohormone or should i order a real PCT. I live in america so idk whats legal or not. If i do what pct should i egt and how should i take it because i want a pct that will work for sure.


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Btw research chemicals are legal to own, and if they really cared, its a prescription not a controlled substance (so misdemeanor not felony). You need an arsenal for pct. otherwise you will recover some but not right. You need nolva, clomid, vitamins and minerals, and strength support.




So if i buy clomid should i take that with the OTC PCT i have right now? Also will clomid block estrogen good? I know nolva blocks estrogen better and clomid gets your test flowing quicker. And since clomid is cheaper i'll most likely buy that. How should i dose it?


Go ahead and take the otc pct. im very familiar with your product as it is sold from websites. The resveratrol will at best block some estrogen and free radicals. Everything else will do nothing to boost testosterone, not even the trib in it. The rest will help heart health, liver, etc. So it wont hurt.

But you need nolva 40/40/20/20 and clomid 50/50/25/25 with daa and maybe resveratrol or pes erase. Then vitamins like vitamin d, minerals like zinc, etc. you dont want to wreck your hormones bud. You are on a steroid.


If you take the clomid solo i would do 100/100/50/50. It should block estrogen fine, but yes not as good as nolva in breast tissue.