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Post-Cutting Diet

So I’ve heard from various corners of the Internet that it’s not smart to simply go back up to your original caloric intake after a cut. Is there a formula or way to determine how to adjust your macros after a severe cut (I was cutting under 2,000).

Thanks in advance.

What show did you do?

No show, just trying to lean out before I go for putting on some more lean mass. Hope to compete by the end of the year, but I think I’ll need more time.

Unless you are 5 feet, that’s way to low. You should have found that on the internet before starting your diet.

Just add 100 calories a week until maintenance.

Stop the cutting and bulking cycle and start eating to win.

There seems to be several diets called Eating to Win. Which one should he do? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re able to post your sex, height, weight and age, as well as your nutrition details while you were cutting, it would be easier to give specific feedback. In general, after a hard cut, yes, you should slowly add calories back in. But, were you tracking your cals and macros to the gram and sticking to them? What was your cardio like? Please give as much detail as possible to allow quality feedback.